Selfish Humility

Do we make our own decisions? Do we have free will to choose what is best for us? Do we really have the capacity to decide what is best for our community, state, country or the world in itself?

Does the decision come from within or the decision happens based on the surroundings and situations? Do we all have inherent control to resist change, choose wisely or decide foolishly? If in case we do, do all of us have the same level of control and resistance and wisdom? If certain qualities result in the variations of levels of control within us, then does that make the whole idea of free will non-existent?

Let me elaborate.

Free Will: An Illusion

Please allow me to begin by citing an experiment on free will conducted by a neuro-scientist Benjamin Libet.  Follow the link for a 2 minute video on how the experiment was done.

Let me talk about another experiment that I remember watching in a series called the 'Brain Games' on Netflix. Here …

A Favorite Hobby for Modern Humans - Smart Phones

It is quite amazing to actually notice how an idle mind immediately and instinctively goes to the phone and starts scrolling for a few minutes and then drops it back and then starts to scroll again. By scrolling, I mean the typical social media signage for when its used in a smart phone. We explore the apps by doing nothing other than scrolling for the most part. Now, I thought I was a very obsessive person and therefore I was over-doing this habit a bit much but every time I meet my friends which is mostly few times in a year, all of us inevitably are somehow stuck in the scrolling loop from time to time. We enjoy each others company despite at times doing nothing but scrolling sitting next to each other. It looked totally normal to me initially but for the past few months, this has begun to strike me as something odd. As a civilization, human societies are beginning to spend so much time on doing the same activity. Such a coherent synchronous behaviour by masses of population has n…

Memory is a Stranger

Where am I going? Why is time uncontrollable? What is time? Why is the ‘I’ so bound by the time?
Whenever an idea of identity is introduced, the factor of time is essential to define it. Without time, an identity cannot exist. For example, to define oneself, one draws from experiences of his/her life that happened in a certain period in the past. With those experiences, he/she decides certain values to live up to in the future. While in the present, the identity is defined by the past experiences and future expectations. Without the factor of time, it will be quite hard to define oneself. Why is time so essential?

To think deeper here, we may need to investigate memory. Memory is a complex phenomenon varying in significant levels between every individual living entity. With two people experiencing the same event, it registers and impacts the two individuals very differently. While a number of reasons could be attributed to this variations in memory impact, it is clear the way memor…

Ideal Relationships

So, I was thinking what can an ideal relationship be like? How must a relationship be so it can ensure individual liberties are not sacrificed purely for the sake of common good? What are some of the aspects of a relationship that defines how two individuals can co-habit and live a life together in peace? How can we live happily with another individual without giving up peace of mind or stability?

Ideally, a perfect relationship between two individuals is one where each member speaks his/her mind without hesitation and second-thoughts. That simple behaviour has several under-lying aspects that has to line up for it to manifest. In order not to have any second-thoughts while in a conversation, one has to not conceive of an adverse reaction because of the words one utters. The flow of thoughts through the medium of words has to be seamless between the individuals in arelationship for it to gain and sustain energy. Once such seamless connections are established, the relationship gains a…

Distinct Dreams

I would like to record some of the dreams I've been experiencing of late. They are very clear, distinct and mostly I am aware that I am in a dream state, yet I can stay there without being completely woken up.

June 3, 2018:

I had several dreams that night and I specifically want to recall one because I felt a weird impact unlike other dreams.

I was sleeping in my bed (in my dream). The bed was a different one I think and positioned differently as well. I do not recall where this bed was but clearly in a room. I felt someone knock me on my head from behind the headboard of the bed. It was a gentle tap to wake me up. I then heard the voice of my grand-mother (Meenakshi paati). In her usual tone, she asked me to move away to another bed so she can sleep there. I obliged with hesitation and moved. I stood there watching her and I felt a deep sense of awe, fear and bewilderment as I realized my grand-mother was dead long back. She died in 2010 (if I am not wrong). She made herself com…

Makkal Needhi MaiaM - Let's Engineer our Society Together


MaiaM which is a Thamizh word for 'the middle' or 'the center' is a short form representing Makkal Needhi MaiaM (MNM), a political party founded by Kamal Hassan in Thamizh Nadu, India. The origins of the party and its growth so far has been very novel for the average Thamizhan. The political, economical, environmental situation in Thamizh Nadu has been very volatile for the past couple of years reaching boiling points several times in this span. One of the peak moment occurred as 2017 unfolded. In January of that year, Thamizh Nadu and the 90s kids primarily witnessed a profound uprising of the voice of those who spoke the common mother tongue. Why do I emphasis 90s kids specifically? It is because the coincidence of this volatile moment in Thamizh Nadu and the coming of age of the 90s kids (adult suffrage) is a perfect juncture for what could be an amazing reinventing of the society in Thamizh Nadu.

Stop reading for a moment now - think of your past, recall…

Sensations and Consciousness

What happened today (someday in September 2017) to me needs to be recorded. It deserves to be preserved for it was the most pure-est form of sensations I think I have ever experienced.

Well, at the core of this state, there is no I, there is no you but a mere calm and serenity. Out of this serenity arises thoughts. These thoughts happen out of literally no-where. The thoughts flow in as if there is no barrier before it arises. Where are these subtle yet wonderfully amazing sensations come  from? Is it just a mere variation in the bio-chemical reactions inside my head? If so, why does it feel good and that this is all is ever needed? Why do these bio-chemical reactions happen in a specific way that it feels meaningful and good?

Is our identity aligned with these sensations? How variable and dynamic is our identify then!? What sensations do we blindly or consciously choose to be part of our identity? Only because we choose and remember certain sensations, we align our identify along wi…