Sensations and Consciousness

What happened today (someday in September 2017) to me needs to be recorded. It deserves to be preserved for it was the most pure-est form of sensations I think I have ever experienced.

Well, at the core of this state, there is no I, there is no you but a mere calm and serenity. Out of this serenity arises thoughts. These thoughts happen out of literally no-where. The thoughts flow in as if there is no barrier before it arises. Where are these subtle yet wonderfully amazing sensations come  from? Is it just a mere variation in the bio-chemical reactions inside my head? If so, why does it feel good and that this is all is ever needed? Why do these bio-chemical reactions happen in a specific way that it feels meaningful and good?

Is our identity aligned with these sensations? How variable and dynamic is our identify then!? What sensations do we blindly or consciously choose to be part of our identity? Only because we choose and remember certain sensations, we align our identify along with that. What this simply does is create an illusion for the subject towards making the physical body associate itself with those sensations that is in-turn created by the same body.

So we claim what the body displays although not all of it is remembered or does the identity remember while the conscious observer doesn't? It gets confusing and muddy here.

Yes, we claim whatever the body does although 'we' do not have any control over what or how the body reacts to ambient conditions. All of us, all living being are present for no specific reason. Every brain seeks reason for it needs validation for its existence. Beyond that, the reason serves no useful purpose. Meaning and reason are human inventions to substantiate the existence of this body that the consciousness experiences day in and day out. Here comes the question of what consciousness actually is?

What is consciousness?

We see, we hear, we think, we talk and we experience. All the five faculties are tied in together as consciousness. The 'I' factor and the 'You' factor are tightly wound around consciousness. In other words, consciousness is nothing but I and You. Thinking deeper about the nature of this consciousness, it gives an understanding profoundly confusing and complicated. While there is no control over how I or You behave, we definitely feel so connected with the I and You - we take ownership of I and You as though it was hard-wired into our brains.

Consciousness is subtle yet very powerful. It lies hidden and invisible generally but only manifests to those who dare explore. When you just read the word consciousness and naturally assume a meaning to it, you will never find the treasure of knowledge it beholds. Next time, when you are relaxed, read the word consciousness and close your eyes to think about what the word means. Everything you are, everything you will ever be and you ever have is that consciousness. While a lot of changes happen to the visual, auditory, vocal, feeling and experiential faculties, the consciousness remains undisturbed by it all - it remains a silent observer facilitating all these random changes.

Once you've really reached the deeper layers of consciousness, you will end up defining a different identity for yourself. The ego and pride that once dominated your existence will vanish and a satisfied peace must remain. Although the last line makes complete sense to me, I still fail to understand and be content with the information I have.

The more I try to write about it (consciousness), the more I struggle. Words seem to lose meaning trying to describe this immaterial, mystical element. Perhaps I am not an expert yet to understand this secrecy that escapes even thoughts when experienced only from the surface. While I do know and have felt the serenity that it brings when one is in touch with the consciousness, I don't still know what consciousness is. I don't know to explain it. I don't know if it can be explained. The search continues.

But having said all this, I can conclude this post by saying that humans need to think critically. With critical thinking comes the ability to shatter the constructed identities and personalities. Once this is realized, it will become clear that the world has infinite characters with myriad of emotional experiences.

Before you think you know what 'you' are, think about who is thinking about this.
Where do thoughts arise from?
Who are 'you'?


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