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Demonetization Demarcation: Optimism, Pessimism and Realism

What is optimism?

I was sitting in my office and was using the very rare 5 minute break to scroll through Facebook. It was the 8th of November and the Prime Minister had just announced out of nowhere that all the existing 1000 and 500 Rupees legal tender would be illegal from midnight. What next happened to me was a burst of happiness, surprise and shock.

Growing up, just like scores of others, I loved Shankar's movies - specially the ones that kindled the anger and irritation of the public against a corrupt government and society than bent itself to the whims of money. I felt a genuine and honest anger in me - so honest that it felt so unfair to suffer for having not done anything bad. A general conversation that you could hear among people after watching such movies - Such revolutionary measures will never be implemented, we will still be corrupt and all the solutions can only be done in the movies but not in real life... Yes, so was my thought and frustration that nothing sign…