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Young India - Standing Up

India is only as strong as its students are!

New Delhi for the past 3 days has seen the strength, might, power of the young India.

Thousands of students from various universities, specifically Jawaharlal Nehru University gathered in front of the Rastrapathi Bhavan/North and South Blocks of our government with placards showing "We Need Justice" and several other statements against rape and related crimes along with the punishment that has to be given to the criminals.

When they tried to walk to the President's residence demanding justice, the police blocked their path.
When the protesters had no intention to stop, the police wanted to try the methods of dispersion that are normally used.

First, threats were employed and as we all know it was ignored.

Then, trucks loaded with water were parked in front of the crowd. The next second jets of high pressure water were fired at the protesters. This of course dispersed the crowd.

Just when the police relaxed and flexed their mus…

Raped!! Yes, The Society!!

23 Year Old Girl gang Raped..!!
Yes Yes Yes... We all know the story ad we are surely against it.
Most of us have written about this and commented under several similar posts in Facebook. I have also seen some weird posts which says 1 Like = 1 Slap and 1 Like = 1 Prayer. What kind of a non sense is that!! Rather than looking for the cause behind the fact that a gang of criminals have done their heinous atrocity on a poor girl, we are here sharing the story, the method, and all other types of stuff that happened to the girl and her boy friend.
What Happened? New Delhi, India: 16 December, 9:00 PM, A 23 year old girl along with her boy friend is kidnapped in a bus (a school van that was out of service). The girl was gang raped and injured severely by 4 men including the driver and the conductor. The boy was also injured and later both were thrown out of the bus. The girl is still in critical condition in a hospital.
Why? This is a VERY important question that has to be analyzed very s…

Live the Moment

Here we are at the brink of the dawn of a new year.
There is something unusual about the birth of this year. Why perhaps there is always something weird when we are in December and we realize how 330 days just went by.

Yes, I still do remember the day very well when I was writing a post here in this same blog some 345 days ago (give or take a few). And yes, I do remember waiting for a phone call on the New Years eve. And I very well am able to recall every incidents that took place in the early months of this year, I could feel what I felt back then. As we all say, IT WAS JUST LIKE YESTERDAY and yet here we are after mighty 11.5 months, creating history on our every step.

On a personal note, I had a very rugged and bumpy 2012. Faced a lot of hardships. Still facing them...

But surprisingly, I was surprised :P, when I found myself not hurting me the way I did in the start of 2012. May be am becoming an expert in letting go of relationships. A part of my mind tells me, this is not some…