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Come to Canada - Things TO/NOT TO Bring - Cooking Related for International Students

This blog article is about what to bring and what not bring to Canada or any typical Western Country. Specific to cooking and related accessories. Also, this is specific to Indian or South Asian International Students.

There are a lot of popular memes in Facebook which puts international students to ridicule when it comes to cooking. Yes, cooking is that important and more important so, if you are living by yourself off campus. If you live with a group of friends with whom you have signed contracts for cooking together, it kinda takes stress out of the cooking phase of your experience abroad. But still, cooking is something that is essential and takes a considerable time off your daily schedule.

This is another area where living with a group of friends comes in handy. When at times you cannot make it to lunch, you will be happy to realize, you have a tasty meal at home when you get back.

So, coming to the point of what to and what not to bring when coming to a Western Country from So…

How to get a Canadian Driver's License - Tips for Indian International Students

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Here, in this post, I would like to share with you some information regarding the means to obtain a Canadian Driver's License. The information that follows is meant to be of specific use to Indian students who have successfully reached Canada for their education.

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Before going ahead and reading the post, I would strongly recommend you go through some of these links to get a basic idea about driving in Canada and the licensing procedure in Canada.

1. - Driver's License
2. - Driving in Canada
3. - Canada Safety Council
4. - Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Okay, so, if you are from India, driving in Canada is somethi…

Finding the Best Off Campus Accommodation in Canada (Windsor)

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So, I was thinking about what to write next. Something that can again be useful for international students specifically those coming from South Asian Countries viz India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc... Most of us coming from these countries are from middle class families and so, I am aware that our daily bread is being sponsored by the banks in our respective countries. It is on our shoulders to either find a good part time job or to spend whatever is in our pockets at the best way possible.

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Hope you have read my previous blog post about the winter in Canada and the precautions that must be taken by new students visiting Canada or facing the harsh winter for the first time. Follow this to read that blog.

If you do not want to…

Visiting Canada in Winter from India - Some Interesting Information & Tips

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I am sure there are going to be several people who would have secured admission into several of the universities in Canada for the Winter term beginning January 2015.

To all those who have finalized their travel plans and to those who haven't, I am sure you will be welcomed with warmth and love into this beautiful country.

Quick info about myself. I am Sambath and I have been in Canada for over an year now. I am from Coimbatore, India. I arrived in Windsor, Ontario by the 18th of July, 2013. It has been a tremendous and incredible journey ever since. I am pursuing and almost at the end of my Master of Engineering in Automotive at the University of Windsor. Here, in this post, I am going to share with you some tips to ensure a smooth transition from crazy India to a relatively calm Canada specifically while landing during the peak winter season.

First of all guys, its just cold. Within Canada,…