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State of Existence and the Corollary

There and Not There

All this ramble is a tiny spark - I am not even sure how true or accurate this is but let me make a claim and then debate/clarify or disprove it as time goes by.

I think everything we see, experience and just about EVERYTHING we know has two states - it will either be there or not there. This is the only mechanism with which everything happens and is.

I draw vague connections to electrons that momentarily shifts from being a wave to a particle - seamlessly existing one moment but non-existent the other. It is this process repeated continuously in varying scales of perception that results in everything we know.

Let me break it down.

As the electrons in its period of existence shifts constantly in a scale of time not perceivable to human imagination - as it jumps from one energy level to the other - existing as wave in one moment and re-appearing as a particle the other and immediately turning back into a wave form. This is the very nature of existence. This is what…