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The Hero Frenzy

A Belated Diwali Wishes for all of you over here..!
Hope you all had a safe and joyous Deepavali.
All folks from Tamil Nadu clearly know whats the big deal fo rthis Diwali, it was the release of 2 mega budget movies namely Ezham Arivu and Velayutham and of course the much hyped Ra One nationally.
I read in The Hindu dated 28 Oct 2011 that a man was killed in a theater premises near Idayarpalayam, Coimbatore on Diwali day. Probably he was killed over a fight near the ticket counter because of reason nobody knows.

The lead roles in both the movies are performed by 2 actors with immense fan base Surya and Vijay. The latter has a totally humongous fan base. Each fan idolizes their respective hero, sorry Idol. Because of this idolization, they tend to over power anyone who speaks bad not specifically about the actor but even a bad review about the movie.

This frenzy about considering actors to be Gods prevails only in Indian states, am not sure about the North Indian states. But in Tamil Fil…