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The Week Joy

This week, is the joyous week for me and someother guys from ma class...

We have our department inauguration function on Wednesday morning and as i was the only guy
in ma class with a little knowledge on PhotoShop, I was kept busy in the department works,
so no class....

So, tomorrow is the party,,,, after the function, by night 9, we are leaving to Banglore and Mysore,
same usual places for an Industrial Visit and will return only by sunday morning...!!

This will surely be a memorable trip as the company i am gonna have are all matured and funny...!!

See you Guys... Bye...!!

CommonWealth Delhi 2010...!!

It is a crucial time for us to concentrate on the upcoming games...
Another 42 days to go and most of the infrastructure works are pending...!!
But we Indians you know are always the last minute twisters...!!
We hike things up and finish it off somehow at the last second...
I strongly belive India will make a successful games on October 3rd to 13th....!!!

Almost all construction works on the venues are over it seems according to my news information....
Only thing left is some minor infrastructure projects around the city...
All these works will be completed soon now, as Dr.ManMohan Singh has interfered himself directly into this...!!

All the Very Best From The Bottom of My Heart For The Success Of This Games..............!!
India's name will shine in the annals of international history...!!
Jai Ho India....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CommonWealth 2010 Theme Song...!!

Rahman’s ‘Swagatham’ theme song for Commonwealth Games Music maestro and Oscar award winner A.R.Rahman today revealed the theme song for the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi and said it is about energy, winning and not giving up.“When you hear the song you feel like India is calling you,” he said, a day after
he presented the song to the Group of Ministers. “I want the crowd to sing along with us. We have put in a lot of hard work into the song and we are all very excited to turn it into a memorable experience.” added Rahman“With 30 days to go for the opening of Games Village, we are confident of great Games.
I have heard the song and I am sure Rahman’s song will make every Indian proud,” said Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi Chairman Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, MP.“I am still working on fine tuning the song, which will be a big part of the celebrations.
And I want to dedicate this song to Mahatma Gandhi.”The Mozart of Madras said his goal is to come out …

Pakistan, Our Brothers and Sisters...!!

Pakistan is in grave danger....
The disasters have ravaged the country...
More than 20 million people have been affected in the ensuing monsoon rains and floods...
As a neighbor we have an important role to play now......We must donate even more money,, above that, we must also send medical, and other relief teams there...!!
It is our responsibility, not only to safeguard our border, but also to help our neighbor...!!

India is a responsible and a generous nation...!!
Lets support Pakistanis...!!
Jai Hind...!!
For more information....

India's 64th Independence Day

Its been almost a year since i blogged in here...
Today marks India's 64th Independence Day, here we are forced to ask a question, a brave and a question that must be answered from the heart of the Indian citizens...!!

Since 1991, after the great economic reforms by the then Prime Minister, Narasima Rao, India started on a track of fast development and improvement...
Now India is the second fastest growing economies in the world, it has the 4th largest army and so on and on, India's success stories are plenty and plenty...

In spite of all these victories and achievements, India still faces a lot of hurdles towards the path of glory and towards attaining the name as a developed nation...
1. Widespread Poverty
3.Bad Politicians
4.Mostly Idol Citizens
5.Finally The Governmental Bodies

All about these and many more can be discussed here on...!!
have a very cheerful and happy day ahead...

என் நாடு என் வீடு...!!
பாரதம் வாழ்க, தமிழ் வாழ்க...!!