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Ilavarasan weds Divya – A Slap across the Face of Tamil Nadu

One of the worst and shameful incidents has unfolded in Tamil Nadu in the past 8 months starting November 2012. It all started when a boy from a LOWER caste married a girl from a HIGHER caste. The location where this happened was Dharmapuri, one of Tamil Nadu’s northern states known well for caste based violence. By violence, I mean ripping out intestines, poking out eyes, roasting flesh and what not. And all this are done to a fellow human and not to some animal. Yes, violence that can tear apart a human body and with it, a family.

  The boy and the girl loved each other. It was most probably an honest love that grew between those 2 hearts. The brave girl, decided that the love was more important than the caste that separated them. In places like Dharmapuri and few other ‘illiterate’ ‘uncivilized’ districts in Tamil Nadu, even to speak to a member of the LOWER caste was a crime and the person involved is subjected to severe and gruesome punishment. Despite knowing all this, the coup…