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OPENCATER - Home Cooked Food - Here I Come!

So the other night, my friend and I were discussing about the horrible food (if you can even call it food) that we we just finished cooking. We were cooking partners for over a period of 2 years and although we knew we were not good with anything to do with the stove. I remember my friend over boiling eggs to the point where all the water evaporated and it was just the eggs being toasted for 5 minutes (the one thing that you were supposed to do!). We basically have no other option other than restaurants which are well known for not being completely healthy and over a period of time you don't really want to go to the same place anymore. Although there might be some friends who are born chefs, most of us end up eating crap. Oh, how important food actually is. You realize once you leave your family and live by yourself far away. Folks back home living in another city, please don't relate to this. This is not the same kind of pain because you folks at least get to visit home when…

Ford Fusion 2011 - Gas Tank Leak - Jan 2016

So, I bought a beautiful blue Ford Fusion in March 2015. The car was just amazing and as the days went by, I only grew to love the car more and more. The car gave me some issues here and there with one major spending in August ($900) but that's understandable - mechanical wear and tear. In January 2016, right before I was about to take it to Toronto for a work event (from Windsor), I noticed a puddle of gas under my car after I full-tanked it. I bent down to get a proper look and the gas was trickling down, not even dripping.

I was shocked and as anyone would do, I googled and read several posts that said it was okay to drive with a leak but there were couple of dangers involved. One was, if it catches fire then BOOM! The other being environmental pollution. After discussing with my friend and trying to see some logic, I figured I had to get it towed to a mechanic. I also had to call up the Fire Department to clean up the gas that I left behind in the parking lot of Tim Hortons w…