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Welcoming 2011 With Warmth....!!

Here it is at last...
Its just like I have been celebrating the 2010 January 1st's eve and so soon just like a matter of minutes we are here at the end of the mighty and the great 2010,....!!

Before we could welcome this new Year, we must assess and analyze how the year 2010 was for us and for every others in the world..
There might have been bitter experiences, bad relationships, miseries, end of lives of dear ones but above all there would also have been a joyous, happiest, funniest year too....!!
Think of all the good things only that occurred to you in 2010. Just think, now, sit back and try to relax and recall that great year that is going to pass us now. If you think, you would laugh at yourself of all your stupidity, idiocy, smartness and certain bad things too but above all, this was  a year that enthrilled me personally with many rich experiences and I expect this new year to do the same and even more to me than 2010...!!

And there is no wrong in expecting. Expectations, …

Talwari and the CBI

The Story, The Murder

On the morning of May 16, 2008, Aarushi Talwar (May 24, 1993 - May 15, 200, the 14-year-old daughter of a successful dentist couple, was found dead with her throat slit in her parents'home at Jalvayu Vihar in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Suspicion immediately fell on the family's live-in man-servant, Yam Prasad Banjade alias Hemraj, a 45-yr-old Nepalese national, who was found missing from the home. Immediately declaring Hemraj as the prime suspect, the Noida police announced a reward for information leading to Hemraj's apprehension and arrest. In addition, a police party was dispatched to his hometown in Nepal, in hopes of apprehending him there.

A post-mortem was conducted on Aarushi's body on May 17, 2008, after which it was cremated. Her parents took her ashes to the holy city of Haridwar for immersion in the waters of the Ganges. A retired Noida police officer, accompanying a relative of the Talwars, happened to visit the Talwars'…

The Political India 2010

For the first time in the Manmohan Singh government's six years in power, there is a pervading sense of negativism in the atmosphere. Not even when the Left withdrew its support in 2008 on the India-US nuclear deal was there such a feeling of despondency about the government's and the nation's prospects. It isn't that the government's majority is threatened in any way. In fact, as a political force, the opposition does not present a serious challenge because of the Left's continuing weakness and the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) internal problems. The government's discomfiture, therefore, is the result of self-inflicted wounds.

This, despite, India's rising stature in the comity of nations, reflected in the succession of year-end visits by leaders of all the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the big powers who influence global thinking and actions. 
The political downslide can, however, be traced to summer when the e…

We Wish You a Merry Christmas....!!

Its Christmas eve and I am pretty sure the people in Americas, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Russia, India.... etc,,, are preparing for the great day ahead...

The day tomorrow, marks the birth of Lord Jesus...

Its celebrated with a lot of love and that is what I like a lot about Christmas...
A Decorated Tree,
Colourful Decorations,

All these mix up into a very delecious dish to be tasted on and on....

Christmas is a day of love and happiness and I believe it stays the same for centuries to come...!!


Corruption and India, Insepperable????

2010, a really bad year for the ruling congress coalition, UPA party of India...

First it all started with the HUGE Common Wealth Games, Delhi 2010. Though the games were pulled of successfully,the days before the opening ceremony was messed up like never before. Mr.Suresh Kalmadi, the head of the Organizing Committee was heavily criticized and was booed during his speech in the Opening and Closing ceremony of the CWG Games 2010.

Then, a scam popularly named "Adarsh Scam" which involved allocation of flats and appartments to Chief Minister, Indian Army Generals, and other Ministers of Maharashtra and their families rather than giving the flats to the Kargil War affected families. This created a stir just after the end of the CWG Games and the CM was sacked.

ABOVE ALL... The Mighty... The Great Scam India has ever heard.... the 2G Spectrum Scam. In a country where there is no verbal representation for numbers greater then 10 crores, the net amount of money India lost in this …

Love Can Build a Bridge, Karaoke, Me Singing....


Shall We Unravel The Mystery Surrounding Us?

If you close your eyes and think to yourself about the speed at which the past 1 or 2 years went by, you would be astonished.

There are really a hell a lot of things going on in and around us but we mostly turn a deaf ear to it.
Life in earth has become very fast and rapid, it is not the same as the earth was in the 20th or 19th century.

Image Courtesy:
Some say God decides everything, some say that everything happens just like that for no reason whatsoever and some say, everything is pre-written and everything is about destiny, it is really hard to understand the truth. Nothing can be said to be certain unless proved logically. But where does the logic come from, our brains and our capacity to think? If you keep asking similar questions, you might end up getting just confused and answer-less.

Giving it a proper and comprehensive thought, I came to the conclusion that everything and anything happening in this universe is purely chaotic and random. But sti…

Heavy Infrastructure Project in Coimbatore

To View In Full Screen, Click on the image and zoom in to read the whole news...!!

Its amazing to know such heavy projects are coming to the Cool Coimbatore..!!
I pray to God, that all these must come into effect effectively.......

New 3 Tier Fly Over for Coimbatore

The flyover at Gandhipuram, for which Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi will lay the stone here on Sunday, is expected to be a ‘first of its kind' for the city.
The Detailed Project Report is getting finalised and works are likely to commence in March next year.
The design of the flyover is almost finalised.
Project cost
The project cost is estimated to be Rs. 148 crore and works will be completed in two years, according to an official of the Highways Department.
The official points out that the three-tier flyover will start near the existing Mofussil Bus Stand and end near the Omni Bus Stand on Sathyamangalam Road.
With a total length of 1.2 km and a span of 17.2 metres, the flyover will cover the Gandhipuram and 100 Feet Road Junctions.
Service lanes (ground-level carriage way), subways and underpass are some of the features of the proposed flyover that is to come up in the city.
From Park Gate to the Gandhipuram Junction, there will be a four-lane service lane at t…


This is a weird post...!!
I was been to Chennai lately and I must confess, I have never experienced such a cold climate...
It was on Saturday evening, the rain started and believe me or not, the rain didn't stop at all for almost 14 hours..
It was by quarter past 5 in the evening and continued on till Sunday noon...
The temperature dropped to 18 degree celcius by nightfall on Saturday....
In Chennai, Tambaram my aunt was wearing a scarf and 2 shirts because of the temperature...
It was like the whole of Chennai had an Air Conditioner with temperature set at 18 degrees....
It was one amazing experience, but as the news report and satellite imagery showed 2 massive swirls of cyclones hurling towards the Tamil Nadu and Andhra coast, the first thing that struck me was the film Day After Tomorrow by Roland Emmerich...
Though Chennai wont be immersed in a pool of Bay of Bengal nor a giant cargo Ship would enter Mount Road, the temperature and the persistent rains scared me...!!

Inspite …