Education in Thamizh Nadu

A massive revitalization of government schools and syllabus revision has to take place in all government run schools in Thamizh Nadu.

This is a need of the hour. With coordinated planned process, we can and must upgrade all government schools starting from the village level up until the city level. The schools must have a clean efficient toilet system, well ventilated classrooms with colourful desks and and interactive environment, ready access to computers and internet connection, digitised learning, VR. Other critical elements of a school must also be satisfied. This has to be performed even with a debt. These are highly valuable places to make credible change a solid reality. If we nourish our children effectively, we will have a wonderful future and more smart heads to come up with solutions to the problems we create.

It is highly important for the government to radically shift focus on government run schools and make them an efficient system of education. If this policy is taken as a primary agenda by any political party, we can strongly think about supporting the said party.

Good quality education must reach our villages. The poorest must be able to study, grow and learn in information rich environments so they can achieve improved levels of self satisfaction and confidence to survive fearlessly in the society. Education is the key to freedom!


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