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A Whole New Approach to Life @ Canada

This is a tale of surprise for every Indian. In my over a month stay at Canada, more than learning lessons for my career which is why I am here, I learnt that there are people on the other side of the globe who respect human values and treat every other human no matter who he/she is, with respect and courtesy.

To start with, as of now, I have not heard even a single rude, unpleasant word or sign or whatever from a Canadian. I am not sure if this will stay, but it is a completely different story if you are someone from India. No harsh words anywhere. Not on roads, classes, restaurants, banks, public places etc etc...

Second of all, the basic moral of Canadians are really a class apart from India. On roads, priority is always given to pedestrians. Good sidewalks for them everywhere. Even the smallest of streets have sidewalks. The rule of the road also gives priority to pedestrians and then to the motorists.

Next, the way Canada sees disables people. It treats them just like an equal. The …