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La Plan de Grande de Chine

Its about the mighty dragon, CHINA...!!

I was just watching the news Hour Debate in Times Now.
The way the exaggerate the issue of China is humungous...!!

Though it might reflect the rality which the GOI mostly ignores, getting it into a public debate is generally is not advisable...

The latest Karmapa Money Retrieval.

And before that 3 Chineese caught by BSF whom China claimed to be tourists, but were found to be wandering in restricted ares of himalayas near Tibet.

And even before that, a woman claming to be a journalist from China visited top separatist leaders in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh...

Where is all these leading to??

China is building hi-tech ports in all of India's neighbours.
A Harbour is under construction in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
A proposed harbour in Bangladesh.

ha ha, I feel pity for my country. We watch all these patiently and when we plan to hold talks with Jintao or buntao, they would have almost got control of the entire Pacific and Indian ocean.

Beating the Retreat

I wondered what this ceremony was when I read it in the community page for Dr.Man Mohan Singh.
This is supposed to be a retreat ceremony for the armed soldiers.
This happens, when the band blows the sound of retreat and the soldiers stop their fighting in the battle field and return back to their home camps in the evening.

In India, this ceremony marks the end of the 3 day Republic Day celebrations and all the high level dignitaries, like The President and The Prime Minister take part in it.

The armed bands of India will play some inspirational music in their pipes and drums. All the three service departments play the band and create the fervor of patriotism and national pride into every Indian citizen seated there.

At the end, after the Saare Jahan Se Acha, the Rashtrpathi Bhavan, The Parliament House, The North and South Blocks of the Government Offices are gloriously illuminated by electric bulbs...!!

Friendship or Love, Which Side Are You In?? Vote Here

Many times I used to wonder, what it feels to be a friend and a lover with the same person...
Many stories tell that the man has become her lover after being her friend...
But I am not sure about that or the way around...

But,  I think, Love can do wonders which friendship can't...
Anyway< am not sure about this..
So vote here...


Which one do you think is superior??
Which one is the best way to pour in all your feelings and emotion??
And which is the one that makes you happy always??



Celebrating with pride, the 61st Republic Day

Long since i was a child I used to wonder why we celebrate Republic Day, when we also celebrate a Independence Day...
It is now that I am clear of as to why we celebrate the Republic Day.
Its on the 26th of January every year we remember the glorious efforts of eminent politician and scholars who have made the Government of India then which is now being insulted by the current politicians, thats a different plate..

But negatives apart, I feel that such celebrations like the Independence Day and Republic Day (National Functions) unites every Indian in the world as one soul, one thought, one destiny and one aim. This is what we must be all the time, rather than fighting for silly things of no worth, we must be together, united all the time no matter what pass us...!!

We must stand to the line that "United we Stand, Divided we Fall" the line is exclusively for India. And we must stick to it. This kind of patriotism will keep us spirited and will make us work for our mother land …

Earth with 2 SUNS???

I had just read that our planet earth is going to get 2 suns, the new one lasting for over a week or two...!!

This is forecasted to happen in a year or in the next million years...!!

The Astronomers have revealed one of the most fanatic disclosures of all times ever since life on the earth came into existence. What kind of feeling does it give when you think of having one more Sun over the planet earth? Goose bumps arise for sure!

The extraterrestrial phenomenon, that may happen as soon as this year and remain for at least a week or two, is expected to be the most stunning light show in the planet's history.

The astronomers say that the Earth will certainly have a front row seat when the dying red super-giant star, called Betelgeuse, finally blows itself into oblivion.

The explosion will be so bright that even though the star in the Orion constellation is 640 light-years away, it will still turn night into day and appear like there are two suns in the sky for a few weeks, …

Love, How can I define it???

In my child hood, which i can say it as those days when I knew not what true love is, I never liked movies with love themes or songs with such nice words that I enjoy it now...!!

I dunno if i know it now either. But, true love is something out of ordinary and something very luxurious, and I mean Luxurious as very comforting and pleasant, no matter if u dont have food for 2 times a day, you will feel filled if you are in love....!!

Lately, lately is not lately exactly, its like around 1 year or something, I used to watch an American SITCOM called Full House, its a fun packed family entertainer that was broadcast for first time in the 1990 s. In that SITCOM, there are 2 people, a man and a woman, who are shown to be deeply in love and whenever you see them together, u will feel the love in you I promise, its such a kind of portrayal of those 2 couples. At their marriage ceremony, the man plans to gift his newly wed wife with a song and that song starts as " If every word I said, c…

The New India

For a long while after the British left in 1947, they left a hangover behind. The brown-skinned elites that took over wanted nothing more than to resemble the white-skinned elites who had gone.

This new year will bring the 20th anniversary of that shimmering, amorphous thing, the new India.
Like China and South Africa and other made-over nations, India has more than one birth date. There is that midnight hour in 1947 when Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed the end of British rule and spoke of India’s “tryst with destiny.” But it is to 1991, when India began to open its doors to the world and loosen the economic controls on its own citizens, that the present form of the country can most easily be traced.
India is an ancient civilization, but in many ways the country can also seem like a 20-year-old. It walks with the swagger of a nation that has its best days ahead. It has a youngster’s sense of immunity. Like so many 20-year-olds, it exhibits simultane…

The Power of Indian Economy

Its the World bank's turn now to praise the richness and the greatness of India...!!

Here is the piece of news...!!

India's growth helping global economy, says World Bank chief

India's fast-paced growth is helping the global economy come out of the crisis and its status as a rising financial power is closely connected with its own internal dynamics, World Bank president Robert B Zoellick has said. "India's return to high levels of growth is helping the global economy  recover from the crisis," Zoellick said, ahead of his four-day visit to this country starting on Monday that is aimed at strengthening cooperation in infrastructure and inclusive growth.
"While developing countries have been a key driver of global growth, challenges remain for both the developed and developing worlds. We will work with our partners to meet those challenges, strengthening local opportunity and global growth," he said.
The World Bank group signifi…

The Emerging Scientific India

The 98th Indian Science Congress was held at Chennai on 3rd January 2011 marking the start of the Scientific Year for India...!!

Here is the text of what the Honorable Prime Minister has spoken on the inaugural ceremony of the ISC....!!!

Manmohan Singh’s address at the 98th Indian Science CongressThe Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh addressed the 98th Indian Science Congress in Chennai on January 3, 2011. Following is the text of the Prime Minister’s address on the occasion:- 

“I am delighted to be here in Chennai. I wish the people of Tamil Nadu a peaceful, prosperous and fulfilling New Year. I am very happy that every New Year begins with an opportunity for me to meet some of our most distinguished scientists. Tamil Nadu has a unique place in the world of Indian science. India’s first Nobel Laureate in the sciences, Dr C.V. Raman, was a proud student of Presidency College, Chennai. So was Professor S. Chandrasekhar. The State has also produced one of India’s greatest mathema…