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Google 2014 Year In Photos - Auto Awesome Video - Season's Greeting!

It was some date in December 2013 when I was surprised by Google. More about the surprise in the following words.

I was always and still am a proud owner of Nexus 5. I would say it is the best smart phone packed in with great specifications and affordable price. But, I am not an Apple fanatic who will never accept that their phones are extremely overrated. I do agree Google stepped way too ahead by pricing their Nexus 6 in the higher end of the price scale. People obviously would go for the Moto X and not for the Nexus 6. Anyways, my topic of conversation is not that. Its about that surprise.

So, I use my Nexus 5 and for sure, I make efficient use of its great camera. And so I was taken by surprise when a notification popped up in my phone saying I have a new Auto Awesome  video prepared by Google's Photos app. I was quite aware of Auto Awesome by that time as my snow pictures were made fun and exciting with snow effects added to it. Several such effects are added by Google+ Phot…