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Viswaroopam - A Religious Headache? NO!!

The recent block to screen Viwaroopam on the planned release date of Jan 25 by the TN Government because of the request from Islamist Organizations in Tamil Nadu(TN). After a special screening to the Islamist Groups in TN, they got furious saying that the movie spoils the sanctity of the Holy Quran. If you ask me, its these people who are doing the same.

ISLAM: A Religion discovered and propagated by men just like every other religion. All those which now are effectively used to massacre and murder people without any solid reason. Oh yes, there are reasons, its the religion. It doesn't matter what religion it is, anything that can validate murder or human torture cannot be considered as something that can be followed.

Truth is getting hidden behind all this religious furor.

Everyone knows the truth and when someone wants to tell it out loud, there it goes.. All HELL gets LOOSE!!

For Kamal sir, this ain't new. It happened back for 4 or 3 of his films when they were blocked day…