Distinct Dreams

I would like to record some of the dreams I've been experiencing of late. They are very clear, distinct and mostly I am aware that I am in a dream state, yet I can stay there without being completely woken up.

June 3, 2018:

I had several dreams that night and I specifically want to recall one because I felt a weird impact unlike other dreams.

I was sleeping in my bed (in my dream). The bed was a different one I think and positioned differently as well. I do not recall where this bed was but clearly in a room. I felt someone knock me on my head from behind the headboard of the bed. It was a gentle tap to wake me up. I then heard the voice of my grand-mother (Meenakshi paati). In her usual tone, she asked me to move away to another bed so she can sleep there. I obliged with hesitation and moved. I stood there watching her and I felt a deep sense of awe, fear and bewilderment as I realized my grand-mother was dead long back. She died in 2010 (if I am not wrong). She made herself comfortable in the bed and quickly began sleeping. I laid on my bed and stared at her with the same puzzled feeling. I looked at her face, her silver hair and her gray saree with white blouse. Uncanny. I told myself it was not real. That's when I partly woke up and realized it could not be real. After a few minutes, I woke up completely and thanked the dream for recollecting the memories of my grandmother. The distinctness here is with respect to her face, her costume, her voice and the feeling I had throughout the dream. This is the second time I experienced Meenakshi paati in my dreams. The first time was not as distinct or maybe it was but I was not able to recollect it as clearly as this time. The first time, she was not alone but with several other family members in a big function.

The other dreams - I do not recollect everything in clear detail but there was one where I was running down an open field with my friends in the night with the moonlight so bright that we could see everything clearly. There was a water-body to our left and we kept running in joy and celebration. Suddenly everything was dark as though a blanket had been thrown on top of us. But in that darkness, there was this one bright white light (probably the moon but it was brighter and stronger). I stopped, looked at the light and felt mesmerized. I then howled in a mild Ooooooooooooo. Most of my friends followed. We all were howling at the light. It felt really amazing. This probably has no meaning but the feeling was there. A feeling of amazement and wonder.

Another dream which was a bit physical. I was in a comfortable bed in a garden, leaning on something very soft (like a nice cushion) with my legs spread open. There was a guy who sat in between my legs and then he left and a girl (I knew this girl - I don't want to name her but she was from my Undergraduate program) took his place and then she left too. There was no sexual activity but there was sexual excitement - specially with the way this girl approached and sat there in between my legs. The vision around me was blurred but there was probably other beds like this and several other people celebrating and enjoying as well. It was a nice garden like place. There was also this person in front of me engaging me in conversation while these multiple people took their spot in between my legs. 


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