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Rational Thinking

Hope most of you must have seen the movie Life of Pi that released November last. Quoted below is a conversation between a father and his family during dinner. The conversation arises as his youngest son is attracted to several religions and also tries to practice the rituals of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam all together.

Here Goes...
"Some eat meat, some eat vegetable, I do not expect us all to agree about everything, but I'd much rather have you believe in something I don't agree with, than to accept everything blindly. And that begins with thinking rationally."

Yes, and that is how a child must be brought up. He must be taught to think rationally rather than to preach him what you know or to make him somehow believe in magic.

Here is my Facebook status update on 9 June, 2013.

Ever since I started loving Harry Potter, loving in sense, reading it over and over again, watching the movies like zillion times and referencing Harry Potter stuff in common walks of life…