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Abstract - Artificial Intelligence

The million ways our brains processes information is quite amazing. Although our brains are exceptional devices, it took millions of years to produce such an exceptional means of information processing enabling us now to create our own versions of intelligent information processors.

What once took millions of years now takes hardly a percentage of it to result in the next leap in the evolutionary tree of life. Homo sapiens, supposedly evolution's best find or the best product now is capable of creating its own progeny that struggles to be immortal. Ingenuity of this species has reached an extent wherein the species looks to fight the one big threat that faces it - death! Death is natural and the very basic for everything that exists. If there is no death, existence in itself loses its meaning. Let us worry about this later - yes, I am willing to be a criminal just like several other scientists who chose to ignore this uncertainty before heading on to split open an atom and now at …