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Wow,, I found this out from one of ma friend, Joshius in his FaceBook status update...!! And its so cool, 2010-2010...!! Very nice coincidence.. hope something really great and cherishing happens tomorrow.... gonna go to college with a lot of positive mind set, though i haven't studied at all for ma tests tomorrow..!! This must be the spirit of every engineering students from India...!!!

Sorry, for the long gap..!!

Am wondering to whom am asking sorry to....
Anyway,, the CWG was a grand success and all the positive thoughts and hopes of 2 Million Indian citizens and the 20,000 volunteers are the main reason behind it...
As for now, regular college begins and I have hell a lot of writing works to do...
Somebody pls do post anything at all over here and keep this blog alive...!!??
:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :(

Its the grand opening ceremony at last...!!

Today is the start of this grand games...!!!
The opening ceremony is promised to be one of the grandest ever made...!!
people, please check it out today itself..
Live telecast is made in DoorDarshan, in High Definition...!!
I swear these games will make India proud..!!
The ceremony starts by 7 pm IST...!!
Chak De India...!!