Celebrating with pride, the 61st Republic Day

Long since i was a child I used to wonder why we celebrate Republic Day, when we also celebrate a Independence Day...
It is now that I am clear of as to why we celebrate the Republic Day.
Its on the 26th of January every year we remember the glorious efforts of eminent politician and scholars who have made the Government of India then which is now being insulted by the current politicians, thats a different plate..

http://www.indianchild.com/images/republic-day2.jpgBut negatives apart, I feel that such celebrations like the Independence Day and Republic Day (National Functions) unites every Indian in the world as one soul, one thought, one destiny and one aim. This is what we must be all the time, rather than fighting for silly things of no worth, we must be together, united all the time no matter what pass us...!!

We must stand to the line that "United we Stand, Divided we Fall" the line is exclusively for India. And we must stick to it. This kind of patriotism will keep us spirited and will make us work for our mother land from our heart. Its the feeling of patriotism that will make you work to make India a super power. It is possible, it is true what Dr.Kalam has dreamt of. It is not far, the day when every action of India will be seen of greater importance in the global media.

I am waiting for that day and its not only for me, I want my children and grand children to say, "Dad, Lets go to Mumbai, FUCK New York..." I would feel proud not because he has used the F word, but because of the pride he takes in considering Mumbai even richer and more sphisticated than New York....!!




  1. Here's a little clarification-
    Two or three decades before the independence, certain freedom fighters of our nation signed the declaration of independence on the 26th of January. Although it was a while before we got independence for real, 26th january was celebrated as the Independence day from then, as a showcase of unity in the country. Unfortunately the British left on only August the 15th. But even after 1947, 26th Jan recieved a spectacular celebration and little was known of the real one. So the governement put the "Constitution Of India" into force on 26th, and hence the Republic Day was shaped.

    At this point i would like to say that i am thoroughly against this whole idea of patriotism. I do have a certain amount of respect for this nation. But i dont think it deserves the top spot just because i was born here.

  2. Dude...
    Listen, I am patriotic, okay and my idea is that in country like India, only a common feeling of brotherhood and patriotism can bring people together..!!
    And are you just trying to be different by writing that you are not patriotic??

    And about the bit of history you told, I just got my self clarified, thanks for that..!!

    Anyway, not being patriotic is not correct...
    So learn to be patriotic, and learn to cultivate more respect for your mother (land)...!!

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  4. Whoa...!
    Seriously dude, nothing to offend.....
    Guess i have to make myself clear-

    Firstly, if you look back over the years, there had been oodles of patriotism in the human mind. Right from the very first one, each and every war beheld, involved passionate soldiers full of vehemence. Following the war, the outcome had never been peace or reconciliation, but only gore murders and despair. Valiant soldiers killing people, they would have no reason to show hostility and vanquishing lands that they would hardly see again. And this lunacy does'nt depend on snippers or bombs. A colossal amount of fury is enough. This fury- what the hell is its source? Patriotism. Its quite discerning to see that for all the worldly skirmishes patriotism is the root cause.
    Well, right from childhood people kindle patriotism portraying their own people as the best of all and condemn all others.Clearly patriotism develops a kind of stern conviction that your country is superior to all others because you were born in it. Lets face it, at present, India would hardly fit into the "top tens of the world" in any discipline. And yet we are made to believe in a delusion that we are the best.

    It takes only 15 US marine corps to crush an entire country.
    The Chinese have penetrated into most of our country's waters and we dont take notice.
    Israel, being surrounded by juggernaught Islamic nations, remains the biggest threat to the islamic gulf.
    Yet we refuse to see these nations ahead of us. And our military which took like gazillion hours to slay some 10 terrorists at the cost of more than 150 lives, is the most audacious, spirited and resourceful?
    We have a handful of nobel laurets. A very menial amount of top notch industialists, bureaucrats and intellectuals. And still patriotism does'nt let us accept the fact. The consolation is that Indians who are the most brilliant people in the world are the backbone or the building block of the US economy.Ridiculous!
    Isnt this more like taliban?

    "Rather than love, than money, than fame, than fairness, give me truth" said Mahatma Gandhi. With patriotism helping us only to snub any kind of truth that denounces our country, i comprehend it to be the exact opposite of truth. World would become unperturbed only when patriotism is knocked out of nations and a sense of worldly patriotism grows.
    Worldly patriotism is the only solution to world peace and i am waiting for the day when, calling a man patriot for his country would be the deepest insult.

    Switching to a more practical approach, i don't really see any kind of awe-inspiring future ahead of me in this country. Being revealed to western culture, i am only so eager to get the hell out of this country.
    Concerning the "respect for mother land", i think reasonably supporting a nation over your own, based on true facts is better than blindly revering to the motherland in the name of patriotism. Moreover, it quite pernicious to respect a nation and irrationaly condemn all other nations.

    And about the "trying to be different" thing- I think most of us are not at all patriots, but disguise themselves to be fervent patriots so that they could be okay with the society. And i am not doing that. So, in a way, yes, i am different.

    These are only my views. They could be right or terribily immoral.

    Again, no offence.

  5. Nice...!!
    I do not wish to end up in a hot argument, so lets just cool it down..
    I almost agree to several of your points man..

    But "getting the hell out of this country"
    I didnt expect that dude...

    If India is not clean, or if it doesnt project a good future for you, its you responsible to clean your mother land, rather than getting the hell out of it..

    The responsibility rests with us. Not with others. Things are changing and I strongly believe, very strongly believe that India will raise up at any cost...!!

    We both may have diverging views, but the fact is, I Love My Country. and I am Obliged to do something in turn for my India...!!

    Jai Hind..!!

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  7. Imagine, i live in a ghastly street filled with obscenities. Initially, I would try to transform it into a virtuous decent place by communicating to the people. But at some point, if i realize that, to change the place would mean dedicating my whole damn life to it, i would only stay away. If i am well-heeled to move to a more decent place, i would get off the street straightaway. If i can't afford it, i would learn to adjust to the surroundings and make a living, not rehabilitate the street.
    Why am i not fixated over my own street? Because, its just a piece of ground and i'd rather get away from it if i can. The same holds with nations. Only that some kind of an arbitrary, perverse delusion called Patriotism is incited into our mind when it comes to countries.

    Well, I dont mean to be presumptuous. And again this is only what i feel.
    Truly,everyone cant have the same opinions :)

  8. Alright man, now that i've followed your blog, its only fair for you to follow my blog too.

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  9. Nice dude...!!
    I liked your reply..!!

    But as it happens, I dont agree...
    :P :P :P :P


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