Love, How can I define it???

In my child hood, which i can say it as those days when I knew not what true love is, I never liked movies with love themes or songs with such nice words that I enjoy it now...!!

I dunno if i know it now either. But, true love is something out of ordinary and something very luxurious, and I mean Luxurious as very comforting and pleasant, no matter if u dont have food for 2 times a day, you will feel filled if you are in love....!!

Lately, lately is not lately exactly, its like around 1 year or something, I used to watch an American SITCOM called Full House, its a fun packed family entertainer that was broadcast for first time in the 1990 s. In that SITCOM, there are 2 people, a man and a woman, who are shown to be deeply in love and whenever you see them together, u will feel the love in you I promise, its such a kind of portrayal of those 2 couples. At their marriage ceremony, the man plans to gift his newly wed wife with a song and that song starts as " If every word I said, could make you laugh, I'd talk forever...." and the song goes on with such nice and lovely lines and video...

It reminds me now, when I personally feel what love is and you wont believe the joy in my heart that just blossoms out of nowhere whenever the thought comes surging into my mind. And I believe most of you people here would have got that experience, which is very nicely told in Tamil cinemas as " en nenjukkula palla lacham pattaampoochi parakkara maadiri irukku" These can't be just words written by a money seeking poet. If thought deeply, these lines have a very deep meaning and I cherish the true meaning of love.

Search for "Forever, Full House" in YouTube and watch the video!!

Yet, I have not still been caught by a true love, a love from both the sides. but I am pretty sure, if that happens, then the happiness in my heart would have no bounds...
To Love and To Be Loved is what every single meaningful soul living in this world would want and that is what I want and that is what that will make me live a complete life...!!

Love Everyone , and the pleasure or joy or whatever it gives you, I bet it will take you off of your feet...!!


  1. How poetic are these lines !!! Yes I have also experienced it but its not two side as you have experienced. Great and true words from your experience!

  2. You know,once Sheerin gave a paper which she was about to post to a magazine? If you post your stuff, then definitely they will select it! Try doing that. An engineer can also be a poet!

  3. yea i agree... joy tat yu get has no bounds,,..!!(pleasure s nt d word..!)

    bt once wen yu lose it?? yu cant evn imagine yu plight..!!

    so bttr way s love all with no expectations nd more than tat love urself..! :)

  4. Even me da...
    Its not both sides for me...!!
    And that is what I have written...
    And yes, it is indeed very beautiful...!!

    And ya I thought of doing da, but due date is over...!!
    So, left it da...!!

  5. May be true Suganya....!!
    It does hurt you...!!
    And ya, and that was my last statement na....
    Love Everyone, and that solves the problem...

  6. @Sugi - No de Sugi. Love is not joy in our case as we seek for it.

  7. Dude, its so disheartening to see that u people give so much importance to this murky delusion. First of all, i think there is no such thing called love or emotion or any kind of feeling towards a particular person. You love a person because you think she is capable of satisfying your needs. You would not accept it, but love or emotion is only an ostentatious way of putting your concieted and bleak desire in a socially appropriate manner. Not only love and emotions i condemn, but also, all the so called good deeds and altruist qualities that are said to be borne out of men, are after all not what they possess. Its some kind of a pretentious luxury that they develop to hide the true savage nature of men. And yes, you wouldnt take this- not because its not true or against your morality or that you are messaih of "love", but only because percieving this would shatter all that you have been taught to be true over the years by imprudent indian movies and ludicrous tamil songs which are preposterous archetypes of lyrical outrage written by imbecile ignorant fucks.

    How much our music and film industry ought to learn from their western counterparts

  8. You are so so so soaked in the Western Culture and you very clearly are a mirror reflecting their culture..!!

    I guess, Love hasn't yet struck you..

    Its a feeling.. No matter what words I use, the happiness can only be enjoyed...

    And this has completely nothing to do with movies..!!!


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