Friendship or Love, Which Side Are You In?? Vote Here times I used to wonder, what it feels to be a friend and a lover with the same person...
Many stories tell that the man has become her lover after being her friend...
But I am not sure about that or the way around...

But,  I think, Love can do wonders which friendship can't...
Anyway< am not sure about this..
So vote here...


Which one do you think is superior??
Which one is the best way to pour in all your feelings and emotion??
And which is the one that makes you happy always??




  1. Friendship, beyond doubt.
    Why? Because friendship has that kind of a candidness that love could never get hold of. You know, the wideness of love is very curtly shrivelled unlike friendship.
    And clearly, you can have any number of friends and also dump many until you find your match. But in love it is not possible at all. Yeah, there could'nt possibly be a person in the world who exactly fits you. So you gotta adapt a lot to your lover. Unlike its with friends, you wouldnt dump her the second you find she's not the right one. And there's the real problem of being all so "compassionate" and "serious". Within friends, there is only a generous amount of comedy, on the outside. It would be needless to say all those naive melodramatic dialogs, although the thoughtful and caring stuff would really be there on the inside. But in love, there is a total neglect for the funny side.

    About having as many lovers as friends. We still think it's a bad idea don't we?

    Oh...Come on guys, look at the West!!
    We really gotta grow :p

  2. Look at the west....

    So, thats why you have been speaking like this..

    I do admire the way the westerners have grown into, but giving up my traditional roots, is not that good an idea..

    You cant just go on with 5 to 6 girls, even in West, people have got feelings man..
    May be they do go out, but it might hurt them from the inside to dump somebody whom they loved so deeply..

    But here, we stick to one till the end, and I think, they must learn this from us...!!
    In this case, we Indians and mostly the easterners must be admired...!!

    We stick to LOVE, I mean the LOVE not between girl and boy, I mean the love that binds every human being..!!
    And that is why we see 90/100 films in bollywood or tamil cinema having their core concept as LOVE, unlike Western...

  3. The westerners ought to learn from us eh?

    Let's see,
    As you would like to put it, most of the westerners who don't "stick to one" till the end, spend their whole life flirting with hell a lot of women. Some of them, at some point resolve to a life-long-love, and some of them don't. Why do they do it? Why are'nt they serious about love? Because, they don't really feel the necessity to be.
    You don't really know what it feels to be affected by some kind of a disease until you really are affected. And clearly, you don't fake the pain when you are not actually affected.
    What i am trying to say is that, those people don't take relationships seriously unless they are really stuck by love. They don't try to fake it. And even after a couple of years together, people break up with women they thought were their very precise match. The reason being that, to find yourself uncomfortable with a person that you spend your life with, and still enduring the relationship would be no good for either of the pair, whatsoever.
    Talking about us guys. In the life of an Indian or shall i say a typical Tamil guy, the number of crushes would by no means be more than 2 or 3. And the love, if revealed at all, would certainly last for 10 years? And in most of the cases, it would reach the distance and end up in a marriage.
    Now here is my question... Are the indian people so lucky to find their true soul mates within the first 2 or 3 crushes of their lives? If true, i suppose, this must be a preposterous coincidence for all the 500 million odd lovers here. Comprehending that such kind of a coincidence i quite out of question, i can only conclude that they fake love. Yes, during the early stages of the relationship, it would have been true. Some would be true forever. But many, would worn off the real love, just because of the simple fact that we humans can't read through other people's minds and this steers us to the fact that it's humanly unfeasible a task to understand a person within like..a year. But just as it might feel bitter to be in a relationship with a person you really don't love, you cant get over what the society would say if only it knows you have dumped a girl. With people bragging on curses like "Andha ponna aniyaayama vaazhavetti aakittan", you wouldnt dare break up.
    Well, what the hell? If i am not happy with the girl and still live with her, whats the point? Why should i even care about her? Certainly "MY" happiness is ultimate rationale of my life, which would be so totally lost. Moreover, would the girl be happy living with me if i really dont like her? Getting rid of the relationship and moving on would be the real solution,seriously.

    Moving along with the society had been the "traditional-est root" in our culture. Being friends with the society is okay. But, horrifying it is to even think of it controlling us. Really, it is high time that we pull ourselves out of the confinement called society and live on own terms.

    Coming to the point, bawling all your life with someone you dont love for the sake of others and so that she could help you out when you are 64 could be better replaced with the western culture of flirting all your life. Really, finding or not finding true love at some point doesnt really matter. If found, well and good. If not, you would'nt know such a thing existed.

    So, "sticking to one till the end" does'nt really catch up with my point of view :p

  4. Holy Cow!!!
    Why the hell did i put in so many words..
    Din mean to mess it up
    :D :D :D

  5. we clearly contradict each other boss...!!

    But I love it..!!

    If u really wont like her after like you said 10 years, then why marry her at all???

    Just be a lover till the end na??

    Or just dont love at all...
    dont bother about girls at all if you would want to break up with her after marriage and kids..

    Just think what sort of oain the kid will go through, if u divorce your wife..!!

    Thats terrible and I dont want my kids to suffer that pain and ultimately, Its not the fact that i fake the love, its the fact that I will LOVE her for myself and for the goodness of my generation...!!

    The western culture is the most fucked up culture man...
    See, we get all sorts of whatever they do stuff into us, we dont care to analyze if it is good or bad..

    If i sing,, "Saa Ree Gaa Maa" ma friend says, :Oh, no, not the Indian song again...
    It makes me go nuts...
    How are we so stupid to absorb everything blindly??

    Like I have used "FUCKED", its a very bad word to be told in public, but because of that influence, I speak casually with that word..!!

    Its wrong,You cannot argue, thats its not something bad to tell or whatever...!!

    WE can take something good from it too, but we ought to omit any bad things from it...!!

    That way, we will be creative and a happy society, I mean the Indian Society...!!

  6. Dude, how would i ever know if i would still love her or not after 10 years?? Definitely,at the point of marriage,when i am in thorough love with her,i would only think that it would go on for a life time. But at a later stage,if i find the relationship to be losing its earnestness and if i do stop loving her,i would be only too frantic to cut her out of my life. Inspite of all this,out of cowardice or fear for the society,if i live with her,certainly she would come to know of my apparent dislike for her at some point. The result would be,the two of us living a whole life together,"happily" on the outside. But within ourselves it would be a gloomy life that we've had. This kind of life is what most of us here endure.
    Why the hell should we torture ourselves and fuck up our entire life for no reason at all? The only tangible explanation seems to be that,we Indians,our culture is centered around the foundation of a society. But,the western civilization,is so astonishingly fixed over individual contentment. What more? even the government is individualistic there.

    The Europeans or Americans live for themselves,but we live outside the true essence of our own mind,shall i say. Living in the opinions of others,only feeling your own being from the judgement of others. At most of the times trying awkwardly to help your "friends" so that the society would approve of you as a benevolent man.
    Our society has taught us to refrain from doing what we really want to do,but to do it in a pattern that the society approves of. To get whatever you want,is the easiest and evilest thing in the world,our culture says. Well,it takes the greatest kind of courage and is indeed the toughest thing to do- what we want. I mean,what we really want.

    Moreover,there is this binding rule in our society that we gotta respect and love everything and everyone in the whole damn universe. WTF is this? You can't respect and love everyone. If you do,you are the most oblivious creature. You love and respect everyone,then what do you know about hate. Everything in this world should have two sides. Like,you appreciate peace only because war exists. Without hate you would'nt know love or respect.
    We are all imposed to respect elders,national leaders,teachers,relatives,higher officials,etc. You force yourself to grow respect towards these people. There certainly is no true feeling in that kind of a respect or love.
    Respect grows,for real,in your mind only when someone earns it.

    Only an individualistic society could ever be a real one. Our kind of "dependable" society only fakes all the feelings and is a blaspheme to the integrity of the real human mind.

    Yes,this society binds us all,but not for good. With all the emotional dependency and rules,we are all prisoners of conscience,living in a fucking sanitarium,,chained together by feigned feelings. But,being individualistic,not concerned over what others deem as right or wrong or what others might think of your doings,you gain the greatest form of emotional liberty or freedom. Happy enough to do things that feel right for you. And yes,loving/respecting people based entirely on your own discretion and also backpedalling over your feelings when you lose faith.

    The point i am trying to make is,divorce or break-ups,which are infact the result of natural human emotions,are so essential in one's life. That is,if the situation truly asks for it.

    Most of us are so stupid to absorb everything blindly,agreed. I firmly believe that any kind of theory or philosophy requires a certain amount of introspection before you could convince yourself of its credibility. Then why....why the hell do people revere to the general beliefs of their nation or religion,that had been imposed on them from childhood,as the best? Children can be blind on their beliefs. Old people can be. But grown men? What, is it patriotism? blind faith? Or is it because they have their brains ripped out?

    About the contradiction thing. Yeah, Spicy it is!

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