Beating the Retreat

I wondered what this ceremony was when I read it in the community page for Dr.Man Mohan Singh.
This is supposed to be a retreat ceremony for the armed soldiers.
This happens, when the band blows the sound of retreat and the soldiers stop their fighting in the battle field and return back to their home camps in the evening.
In India, this ceremony marks the end of the 3 day Republic Day celebrations and all the high level dignitaries, like The President and The Prime Minister take part in it.

The armed bands of India will play some inspirational music in their pipes and drums. All the three service departments play the band and create the fervor of patriotism and national pride into every Indian citizen seated there.

At the end, after the Saare Jahan Se Acha, the Rashtrpathi Bhavan, The Parliament House, The North and South Blocks of the Government Offices are gloriously illuminated by electric bulbs...!!


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