Live the Moment

Here we are at the brink of the dawn of a new year.
There is something unusual about the birth of this year. Why perhaps there is always something weird when we are in December and we realize how 330 days just went by.

Yes, I still do remember the day very well when I was writing a post here in this same blog some 345 days ago (give or take a few). And yes, I do remember waiting for a phone call on the New Years eve. And I very well am able to recall every incidents that took place in the early months of this year, I could feel what I felt back then. As we all say, IT WAS JUST LIKE YESTERDAY and yet here we are after mighty 11.5 months, creating history on our every step.

On a personal note, I had a very rugged and bumpy 2012. Faced a lot of hardships. Still facing them...

But surprisingly, I was surprised :P, when I found myself not hurting me the way I did in the start of 2012. May be am becoming an expert in letting go of relationships. A part of my mind tells me, this is not something to brag about, but another part says you are supposed to be happy and cherish everyday of your short life with cheerful memories and not to curl up in bed wetting the pillow, believe me I have done this shit a lot of times.
It was not easy and never will be, I can learn but still its something I regret doing so. A relationship cannot break over silly things, if it is a really a good relationship, it must never break at all, no matter what the reason might be.

I will always have love, yes I will. Love exists everywhere in this world, every nook and corner. It is upto the seeker to find the best one. Turn around, open the door, love is there waiting for you. We just don't see it.
Recalling a popular story, "A man was stranded all alone in an island with no resources to survive and he had refused to board 3 boats that came by sighting the reason that God will rescue him and finally when he met with God after death, God said I was the one who came to rescue you thrice and you rejected me"

And when I meant turn around, open the door, I meant our parents. Often, in midst of all our haste and our very selfish involvements with our gadgets, we fail miserably to receive or appreciate the love our parents have on us and we on them (vice-versa also applies here).

When was the last time you hugged your mum? and
When was the last time you yelled at her?

You needn't work hard to get the answer.

Human survival is not an easy task. Believe me when I say we are lucky, just lucky to be here laughing, crying and reading this and someone else takes our place in the morgue. Everyday people die. This is not a fact that you be sad about. Its quite a natural thing that we all must accept. One's life can be considered a complete one only when he/she embraces death every moment of their lives. Yes, we do have goals to achieve, but dedicating all you time and money to achieve that goal which you cannot be completely sure about is madness. We must practice to be men of the moment. To be happy, joyful every moment without causing harm to others. Thats the life, thats what life is all about.

Chase your dreams. Work hard. You need marks.

Forget it. Imagine if we were all able to follow these said instructions, world would have been an awesome place filled with successful people. But thats not how stuff works. The so-called unsuccessful people also very effectively contribute to the growth story. Thats how stuff works. Doesn't matter if you dont have marks, it doesn't matter if you didnt get a job in campus interview, it doesn't matter if you dont get a promotion. You can always survive, its really no big deal. Remember, there are people who live without education. And with education and talent, why should we be afraid of our future.

You know, its not about salary, its not about marks one's life is decided, its about how good one utilizes whats there for him. Its about one's intentions and thoughts. If you are someone who wants to be man of the moment, it will all work good for you. Theoretically, when you think, how can my life be better if I just live in the present and not think about the future and work for it. Yes, it is correct but just for books and specifically for lectures (given by GREAT people). In reality, Living the Moment is what is all about.
Look at this baby, does it think of whats going to come tomorrow..??
The smile is genuine and the look is calm without any agitation..!!
That comes when you "LIVE THE MOMENT"

Tell me, when you think of college, school etc.., what is the first thing that comes to your mind...??
1.The way you studied??
2.Different methods that the staff used to teach you stuff??
3.How you wrote your exams??

NO. Yes, may be fore quite a few. But its a No for plenty of us.
These are what that comes to our minds.
1.The laughter
2.The pranks
3.Friends' smiling, cheerful faces
4.The lunch hour
5.Last minute studies

The reason is very clear, these are the stuffs we did without thinking. We did them "in the moment". Thats what makes life sweeter. We wrote exams expecting good results and a bright future and so its always dull and thats not what we do in the moment.

Try it.
There is a whole new dimension of life with its door rarely opened. It deserves to be kept open.
Having said all this,

Have a nice day friends..
Relax and Let yourself GO...:)


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