Young India - Standing Up

India is only as strong as its students are!

New Delhi for the past 3 days has seen the strength, might, power of the young India.

Thousands of students from various universities, specifically Jawaharlal Nehru University gathered in front of the Rastrapathi Bhavan/North and South Blocks of our government with placards showing "We Need Justice" and several other statements against rape and related crimes along with the punishment that has to be given to the criminals.

When they tried to walk to the President's residence demanding justice, the police blocked their path.
When the protesters had no intention to stop, the police wanted to try the methods of dispersion that are normally used.

First, threats were employed and as we all know it was ignored.

Then, trucks loaded with water were parked in front of the crowd. The next second jets of high pressure water were fired at the protesters. This of course dispersed the crowd.

Just when the police relaxed and flexed their muscles, they were back again. Who? Yes, the same crowd, reinforced with 2 or 3 friends of each and everyone who were already present.

Thirdly, when the police felt the situation was not as simple as they thought it to be, they had to use their guns. Guns loaded with not bullets but Tear Gas Shells. The gas quickly spread among the protesters and again very effectively dispersing them.

As it happens, they were back again, with more force, more vigor and more determination to make the government feel that they cannot sit back and watch. Now there is nothing the police could do, to disperse them, as lathi charging could not be done as they were peacefully protesting.

And when the protesters begun to practice violence by damaging the public property, then the police started lathi charging the crowd.

It should be noted that the month is December and the temperature at New Delhi could get to 10 degree Celsius by evenings. No, if you had thought that could disperse, them, no even the nature couldn't. They stayed on through the night. They sat, they held on to one another, still shouting that they needed justice.

I am not going to speak about the rape and its allied effects nor the punishments that ought to be given to the criminals as I have already briefly spoke about it in my earlier post. Here I am amazed at the energy of the Indian youth. My energy, your energy. The energy that can change India.

There, at the Raisnia Hill, there was no distinction between boys/girls. Both were actively involved, spirited, committed to bring the change. That is the spirit that is going to lift India if channeled through properly. It will all happen. Its all in our hands to develop, re-model the society to see a bright future for our kids. We cannot afford to let them suffer for what we have not done. This is our responsibility and we must not forget it.

We all know what must DONE
We all know what has to be DONE
We all know how it must be DONE

But still we enjoy complaining and forgetting about it. But not anymore. My brothers/sisters have risen up. They have realized, they cannot be silent.

TIME will COME when the ENTIRE COUNTRY will REALIZE this...!!
TIME will COME when the YOUTH will PLAY not only in the GROUNDS but in the PARLIAMENT...!!

The Rise of India Lies in Our Hands My Dear Friends!!
Together WE CAN! WE WILL!


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