Welcoming 2011 With Warmth....!!

Here it is at last...
Its just like I have been celebrating the 2010 January 1st's eve and so soon just like a matter of minutes we are here at the end of the mighty and the great 2010,....!!

Before we could welcome this new Year, we must assess and analyze how the year 2010 was for us and for every others in the world..
There might have been bitter experiences, bad relationships, miseries, end of lives of dear ones but above all there would also have been a joyous, happiest, funniest year too....!!
Think of all the good things only that occurred to you in 2010. Just think, now, sit back and try to relax and recall that great year that is going to pass us now. If you think, you would laugh at yourself of all your stupidity, idiocy, smartness and certain bad things too but above all, this was  a year that enthrilled me personally with many rich experiences and I expect this new year to do the same and even more to me than 2010...!!

And there is no wrong in expecting. Expectations, if not satisfied, may create a bad feeling, but think on the brighter side, if it comes true, then you would be the happiest person alive like your girl accepting your proposal....!!

And here we are at the point to tell a final and THE LAST good bye to 2010, a year of memorable and fantastic memories.....!!

Lets together with a lot of 
Welcome 2011........................................!!!!


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