Shall We Unravel The Mystery Surrounding Us?

If you close your eyes and think to yourself about the speed at which the past 1 or 2 years went by, you would be astonished.

There are really a hell a lot of things going on in and around us but we mostly turn a deaf ear to it.
Life in earth has become very fast and rapid, it is not the same as the earth was in the 20th or 19th century.

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Some say God decides everything, some say that everything happens just like that for no reason whatsoever and some say, everything is pre-written and everything is about destiny, it is really hard to understand the truth. Nothing can be said to be certain unless proved logically. But where does the logic come from, our brains and our capacity to think? If you keep asking similar questions, you might end up getting just confused and answer-less.

Giving it a proper and comprehensive thought, I came to the conclusion that everything and anything happening in this universe is purely chaotic and random. But still, thinking more in depth, I can also conclude that there exists a pattern in the randomness.

Where the man invented fire by rubbing stones and now by just pushing a button, where the man pulled carts and now some iron pistons do it, where the man knew not what happened 5 km around him and now he knows everything across the globe.

When the world was supposed to travel or in real terms rotate at the speed of 24 hours a day, it now spins 1000 times faster, I hope you understand what i mean.

Man's inventions have taken earth a lot of light years ahead and still it keeps moving ahead and ahead.

When earth was moving at the speed of bullock carts, its now travels at the speed of a cruise missile.

Just think, how many would have thought the reason behind an apple falling from a tree. What would have happened if Sir Newton did not sit under that specific tree on that specific time? What would have happened if the said apple did not fall? What would have happened if Newton did not notice the apple at all?

Sir Issac Newton was supposed to be sitting there unconditionally so that now in 2010, we have planes, jets, missiles, and what not without the equation of gravity!

If not for that man, some one else would have done it but when?

If it was somewhere in 1990's, then now we would be using the old large plane that can carry not more than 50 people and makes terrible noise. And it would have been only in may be 3000 (year) supersonic flights and inter-continental missiles would have been invented. And who knows what would have happened to other great inventions that based on the laws of gravity formulated by Newton.

If Edison got tired and stopped his efforts to build a electric bulb, then now we would have been using gas lamps.

What am trying to mean is, nothing in this world simply just happens.
Even the minuscule of things happening here is for a specific reason, it may be big or small but it has a specific effect on the future. What kind of effect and the magnitude of the effect cannot be known for certain as I had mentioned previously that there is a certain randomness associated deeply within the happenings in the universe. (haaa ENTROPY!!!)

Just imagine, We all know about the 26/11 or 9/11 attacks in Mumbai and New York respectively.
A hotel dweller or an office goer prepares to leave to the hotel or the office which you must imagine to be Taj and WTC respectively. Suddenly that man's child cries out in pain or his wife is angry on her husband for not keeping up his promise to take her out on that day. So, eventually the man gives in to the emotions of his family and stays home or goes elsewhere and then he gets to know he was saved by his 2 year old kid and an annoying wife.. If not for the promise he had made 3 days earlier, if not for the stomach pain of his child because of some junk food his child ate last evening, he would have perished along with several others!

Everything happening in this world, every small, minuscule thing is inter-linked and inter-connected!


No, probably not! You would only be confused a lot. But at the end of all that intensive thinking, you would for sure feel that man is an insignificant being among the other million living beings in the planet. But man is someone who possess this unique ability to think and unravel what other species could not do. Having had this special ability, it is a crime to convince ourselves that the answer for everything is God and nothing more. Of course, I do not know for certainty that there is no God nor there is one. But, why should I consider that variable, before I try to understand what is actually happening? The present definition of God that man gives, is nothing but another man made entity that kinda stands as an answer to everything that he doesn't know for sure now. As time passes by, as more people think logically, as people fail to stick to stupid beliefs, slowly and slowly, most of earth's religions will die a slow death.
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There is no definitive conclusion to this post but it is something to think about. The end result could be different as everyone does not possess equal levels of capabilities. If these collection of words which you would have ended up reading in one of the most 'random' fashions, made you think a little or rang a bell in your head about similar waves of thoughts in your own head, then it is all worth it!

Have a Great Day or Evening..:)

Disclaimer: Every word in this post is purely and completely my own thoughts. And it is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. If it hurt anyone, I would like to apologize.


  1. What Sambath written is partially right. He should avoid poetical and proverb based sentences. Then only every one can understand what he stands for....

  2. i will try to hold on to it next time...!!
    thanks anyway...

  3. Ya Sam... I get ur point... Every action we do s a fine pattern n d complex weave n a huge tapestry... But then I'd hate to think dat my lyf i governed by some unknown entity called Fate r God r whicheva.. So im ambivalent n dis... Good one btw..:)

  4. But,,, whats the truth...
    Its not what u like or not...
    its about the truth...!!!

    What is it actually...
    Even i dont like to be remote controlled, but when i think, it brings me there to this conclusion...!!

  5. Dude, what you have written about seems to be conflicting the most rudimentary nature of our universe- CHAOS.
    What i am trying to say is, if newton or edison had missed running into some kind of a groovy idea that would change the world forever, maybe someone else would have. Or may be something else more substantial than the gravity or light would have transpired. But articulating that without edison we would still be a fucking twelfth century vagabond without a light is amiss i suppose. May be if it were not for the bulb, something more spectacular, which would have helped us understand more baffling concepts like the fourth dimension would have ensued.Isnt that a possibility too?
    What we are or what we do or what we seek is as trifling as anything. There are random stuff happening, followed by more and more of it. We could delibrate that the race of mankind has momentously shaped the way of universe. It is difficult though, to imagine that a hand full of natives from a small planet encircling an insignificant star, covet for the complete understanding of a whole damn universe. A small speck of creation with a fallacious certainity of comprehending the whole?
    Coming to the point, yes, i would say everything that has happened over the years is connected. Its like, two of my ancestors had tied the knot 200 years ago and only because of that i exist. But it is only a connection, a chance, nothing more. It is a preposterous thing to comtemplate that your life which has no significance at all, is being governed by an external force. Do you think The God or the One Force or whatever, gives a fuck about your petty life? I dont think so.

    Whoa! That was quite stretched! Nothing to offend....jus thought i shud mention it :p

  6. i find this post utterly superfluous

  7. But Sam..!! Isnt wat v wanna think s eventually wat we believe...!!:) atleast for me t s....!!:)

  8. Most people walk in and out of you life. But only friends leave footprints in your heart. -Sugganthan

  9. @Sonofgun...
    This was not created for any specific Reason..
    if you can't think or not interested...
    Get Going..!!


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