Corruption and India, Insepperable????

2010, a really bad year for the ruling congress coalition, UPA party of India...

First it all started with the HUGE Common Wealth Games, Delhi 2010. Though the games were pulled of successfully,the days before the opening ceremony was messed up like never before. Mr.Suresh Kalmadi, the head of the Organizing Committee was heavily criticized and was booed during his speech in the Opening and Closing ceremony of the CWG Games 2010.

Then, a scam popularly named "Adarsh Scam" which involved allocation of flats and appartments to Chief Minister, Indian Army Generals, and other Ministers of Maharashtra and their families rather than giving the flats to the Kargil War affected families. This created a stir just after the end of the CWG Games and the CM was sacked.

ABOVE ALL... The Mighty... The Great Scam India has ever heard.... the 2G Spectrum Scam. In a country where there is no verbal representation for numbers greater then 10 crores, the net amount of money India lost in this scam was counted to be 1 Lakh and 76 Thousand Crore Rupees which can be written as.... 1,00,00,76,000 Rupees, am i right??? Yes I am...!! the then Minister for Telecommunication and Commerce, A.Raja from DMK, Tamil Nadu was sacked and the Indian Media created a great coverage and made this issue which began in late 2008 into a major tragedy for India and hence something happened. The Winter session of the parliament did not take place, as the opposition have demanded a Joint Parliamentary Committee to investigate the scam which the ruling UPA rejected without reconsideration thereby ending in heavy loss for India.

After reading all these, I, a true citizen of India feel my heart burning with rage and anger....
How can so much money be looted out of me and my family??
When the police arrest a man bribing Rs.100 to a license provider, he is arrested, but what about this man A.Raja??
Is this where Indian Democracy has gone to??

I really want to change everything in here, in India...
India has he great potential to become a super power as Dr.A.P.J has dreamed...
But, these idiotic, corrupted politicians and politics must be cleaned off all the existing mess...
If done, no one can even imagine the growth India will achieve...


  1. this is not a matter concerning the political makeup in India, what one and all must understand is the comprehensive build up of India's transition into a free market crony capitalist economy under the leader of the silent killer"Manmohan Singh",what should have been done as far as the 2G scam is concerned is that all of the allocations must have been given to the BSNL that would have settled things fair and square, rather than messing around with some profeiteering organizations, the scam was first reported by com.Sitaram Yechury in the year 1998 in a letter written to the Prime Minister that there have been irregularities by the ministry.
    Ever since then not even one person has been arrested in relation to it.
    Adarsh Scam is nothing new,Bofors,Coffin irregularities for our soldiers have clearly been the watch words of the Indian Burgeoise government, these governments have no respect to the armed forces what so ever,the problem is not with corruption,but it is with the fact the no body is arrested in the name of it, you take any corruption scam in any part of the country you will not see any one arrested in the name of any corrption
    there is no fear in the minds of anyone when it comes to corruption, if anyone commits to corruption then he will be asked to resign, with covert agreements that he will not be arrested provided he is ready to resign, that is the motive behind this A.Raja saga, of delayed CBI raids providing him enough time to transfer the files;documents to foreign countries just as an eyewash; all this money earned using corruption will be used to buy Votes and again there will be more and more corruption and this continues as a viscious feudalist cycle consisting of a no holds barred situation onto who is corrupt as long as they get the votes,
    But the people hardly realize this, they take the money which they have given as tax not realizing that they get far too less a proportion of what has aldready gone in the hands of the politicians, it is like cutting a dogs tail and making soup out of it and giving it to the dog itself but when the dog turns around there will be no tail.
    common ownership of capital and production is the only means of stopping corruption because corruption is mere product of profiteering , the 2G scam resulted only because of the private players trying to make more profit , infact Anil Ambani and other corporate heads must go to jail for having done this,that will be a lesson learnt by the capitalists,


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