What To Do When You Lose Your ATM Card IOB (Indian Overseas Bank)

My mom just today lost her Indian Overseas Bank ATM card.
She forgot to take it back after withdrawing money from the ATM in the city that day morning.

She realized this only after reaching home that day evening.
Then we were all shocked and scared because we were afraid that she might have forgot to select End Transaction after withdrawing and doing which can easily let others withdraw cash from her account. Another fear was the card can be used anonymously by anyone to make a purchase which would not require the pin number.

We knew we had to block the card.
We logged in to www.iobnet.co.in using our 'already given' username and password.
Then we checked the account balance to see if someone had robbed us of our cash.
Thank goodness, the balance remained the same.

Then we tried to suspend the card online by clicking IOB Card tab and then clicking Suspend Card under Debit Card section. After giving all details including the card pin nothing happened.

Frustrated we tried the same over 5 times, but the result was the same.

Then I had to Google the customer care number for Indian Overseas Bank.
Then I had seen that number in a blog where someone had written a complaint that no one is attending to the call.
The Customer Care Number for Indian Overseas Bank is 18004254445.

I had no problem contacting this number, because they attended to the call the next moment.
They gave me the regional 24 hour service number for Tamil Nadu.
The numbers are..
044- 28519470
044- 25819464

They will block your card in just 5 minutes as you stay in line.

What to do when you had lost your ATM Card of Indian Overseas Bank.

Call the regional office 24hrs service number mentioned above and below.

What will you need to block a ATM Card of Indian Overseas Bank.

  • Regional Office 24 Hours Service Numbers: 044- 28519470 & 044- 25819464.
  • Bank Account Number.
  • Account Holder Name.

If you have trouble solving the issue with just the above steps, use Customer Care Number: 18004254445.

This will do.
You can easily block your card over phone and the next day or later, you must visit the branch office and deal it out with your bank branch officials...!!

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