State of Existence and the Corollary

There and Not There

All this ramble is a tiny spark - I am not even sure how true or accurate this is but let me make a claim and then debate/clarify or disprove it as time goes by.

I think everything we see, experience and just about EVERYTHING we know has two states - it will either be there or not there. This is the only mechanism with which everything happens and is.

I draw vague connections to electrons that momentarily shifts from being a wave to a particle - seamlessly existing one moment but non-existent the other. It is this process repeated continuously in varying scales of perception that results in everything we know.

Let me break it down.

As the electrons in its period of existence shifts constantly in a scale of time not perceivable to human imagination - as it jumps from one energy level to the other - existing as wave in one moment and re-appearing as a particle the other and immediately turning back into a wave form. This is the very nature of existence. This is what life is about - well, we are not disappearing you may ask!

Are you sure you do not disappear? What happens when you die? Isn't that a disappearance? Do you not suddenly vanish away from whatever you thought was real? And then there is birth - this miraculous moment when this so called 'life' enters the physical matter. It is not visible to you, I know - that is because of time perception. We humans always see and experience and train our brains to the scale of time that we associate ourselves with to function efficiently - this time is based on sunrise (which exactly is nothing but earth spinning towards the light of the sun) so it is basically the 24 hour scale that we can relate to at all. It needs imagination of immense scales to understand that the world doesn't care about this 24hour periods - things, far greater than we can imagine have happened over what you can call 'longer' time spans (billions of years - yeah, thats just huge and we stop imagining right there). If one wants to understand the world differently (for what it perhaps truly is), one has to acknowledge that the the time we perceive may not be the truth or in other words 'real'. Let us dig deeper into this later on.

So, about life in general - life is valuable or not is not my debate but the very nature of life seems to be there one moment and not there the other. For electrons, it happens in a time scale very very very small (again unimaginable) and for the universe it happens in a very very very very very very very longer time scale (again unimaginable). In between the electron and the observable universe, everything follows the same pattern merely in multitude of varying time scales.

This is highly inconclusive and it is merely a thought wave.

I would like to investigate this further but need more deeper understanding and knowledge. Above all, imagination!


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