Just because we have the privilege of not being discriminated - not being looked down - not being considered evil, doesn't mean we can ignore those people who have been subjected to all this.

For us - the straight proud people - to understand the miseries of LGBTQ, we have to open our eyes and put ourselves in their shoes. What is it that is still holding us back so much that we fail to address the importance of freedom from oppression.

It is OUR (straight folks - who enjoy the freedom from oppression) responsibility to take this in our hands to ensure not another human being is looked down upon or looked at differently because of the way they carry themselves. How can sexual orientation of a person remotely affect the way we interact with them? It is all in our head - we have been brought up by a society that has taught us to hate or look down upon people who are different from us.

We cannot shrug our shoulders and say it's not our problem. It is a collective problem that needs collective measures to tackle it. That is why there are Pride Parades and Marches to show the LGBTQ community that we stand with them - in solidarity and to let them know we understand that they are still humans with same feelings and emotions like many of us.

Let us make sure, we think everything broadly rather than blindly sticking to what we have been taught. It could be any manner of preaching - be it religious or schooled or societal behavior. We cannot let things like that fall in between common-sense and freedom.

I am positive, the world in another 10 or 20 years will surely be a better place to live in for everyone but until then, voices like ours that shouts for equality must be loud and clear. Never should we ever give up our cause citing reasons of religion or faith when our brains can clearly think in the right direction. 


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