Parallel Universe Hypothesis

So imagine yourself in two different situations as follows. In the first instance, you are a your own perfectly normal self and I hand you over a nice portable bluetooth speaker with extra bass effect. I ask you to hold it by clasping your hands around it firmly. I play a song and all you do is close your eyes and listen to it along with trying to feel the vibrations. Now imagine yourself to be deaf. You really have to use your brains to imagine not to hear the song but just feel it in your hands. It was hard but you would have been able to feel the vibrations better.

The above event happened in my head when I was doing exactly that - listening to "The White Tree" by Howard Shore.

A deaf person who is not capable of hearing anything would only feel the vibrations and have a completely different understanding of a same event that a normal person with ears understands or enjoys. The same information interpreted and understood entirely differently because of lack of a device or means to receive the information in its entire form.

What most animals generally have are senses capable of receiving information in the form of light, sound, temperature, odour and so on but what if the universe around us has other information that we are not capable of even understanding its existence. Imagine the kind of information or energy or whatever that exists around us that we totally turn a blind eye *wink* to. Is there another dimension around us that we ignore. Oh damn I just discovered the origins of this thought process - Dr. Strange! How strange things work eh!


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