Come to Canada - Things TO/NOT TO Bring - Cooking Related for International Students

This blog article is about what to bring and what not bring to Canada or any typical Western Country. Specific to cooking and related accessories. Also, this is specific to Indian or South Asian International Students.

There are a lot of popular memes in Facebook which puts international students to ridicule when it comes to cooking. Yes, cooking is that important and more important so, if you are living by yourself off campus. If you live with a group of friends with whom you have signed contracts for cooking together, it kinda takes stress out of the cooking phase of your experience abroad. But still, cooking is something that is essential and takes a considerable time off your daily schedule.

This is another area where living with a group of friends comes in handy. When at times you cannot make it to lunch, you will be happy to realize, you have a tasty meal at home when you get back.

So, coming to the point of what to and what not to bring when coming to a Western Country from South Asia. There are several things you MUST not and CANNOT bring when you fly.

Listed below are some stuff that you cannot or need not bring.

  • A Grinder
  • A Blender
  • A Stove
  • An Oven (both conventional and microwave)
  • A Refrigerator
  • Rice Bags
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Wheat Flour
  • Cooking Oil
  • Eggs (LOL)
Well, with that, I think I have made my point clear. Please do not think about all these. You will have it here in the country you visit.

So, What Should You Bring?

There are going to be several stuff that we South Asians need from our place that you cannot get here. Also, there are stuff that tastes good only when brought from our place and not here.

Here are the primary requirements

  • Utensils
    • Spoons (Includes those used for cooking) and Forks
    • 1 or 2 Plates
    • A Tava
    • A Frying Pan
    • A Pressure Cooker with the Pressure Regulator (weight)
    • Pots (At least 2 pots of different sizes) with appropriate lids
    • A Drinking Mug (Microwavable) 
  • Things needed for cooking
    • Spices - Small Packets if you do not have space for bigger ones (home ground or purchased from stores in your country). The spice powders listed here below are those that taste better only when brought from home. Other spices can be purchased here in the country you are visiting.
      • Sambar Powder
      • Rasam powder
      • Home ground Masala Powder
    • Ready made pastes or in South Indian terms thokku 
These are pretty much I can think of. If you can afford to spend three or four times than what you would spend if you had bought all of these in your country, then never mind loading your bags with utensils. Utensils mentioned above are really way too costly if bought in Western Countries.

Regarding spices, most of the spices can be purchases here. They are available in almost any huge retailer. As we all know, our population is spread across the globe thereby creating a market for us. Common spices like Turmeric powder, garam masala, coriander powder, cumin powder and several other ground spices are available here for affordable prices. 

As I had mentioned before, staying as a group greatly reduces the stress on cooking and saves ample time. Also, cooking becomes fun when done with friends. As to bringing the utensils, discuss with the group of friends that are going to stay with you and decide as to who brings what so that when everything is put together, you have everything you need to make a proper and delicious meal. If you have missed out anything or unable to bring with you, need not worry, you can get it here. You should also remember that when you purchase something here, you will be sharing the expense with the friends who are going to use the 'something'. That way, it becomes cheaper and economical.

Hope the information helped. If you are still in doubts regarding what to and what not to bring, kindly leave a comment and I will follow up ASAP. 

PS : I believe this is the first post in here without any pictures. That's a start!


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