A Whole New Approach to Life @ Canada

This is a tale of surprise for every Indian. In my over a month stay at Canada, more than learning lessons for my career which is why I am here, I learnt that there are people on the other side of the globe who respect human values and treat every other human no matter who he/she is, with respect and courtesy.

To start with, as of now, I have not heard even a single rude, unpleasant word or sign or whatever from a Canadian. I am not sure if this will stay, but it is a completely different story if you are someone from India. No harsh words anywhere. Not on roads, classes, restaurants, banks, public places etc etc...

Second of all, the basic moral of Canadians are really a class apart from India. On roads, priority is always given to pedestrians. Good sidewalks for them everywhere. Even the smallest of streets have sidewalks. The rule of the road also gives priority to pedestrians and then to the motorists.

Next, the way Canada sees disables people. It treats them just like an equal. The country provides ALL amenities that a disabled person might need to enjoy all the stuff that a normal person does. The buses have hydraulics which lowers the entire bus so that the old can easily climb onto the bus. They also have ramps that flips open from the bus to the road, so that those who use a wheelchair can easily roll upto the bus. The driver helps by moving out from his seat. There are no conductors here. You use the tickets you have at hand which you can buy at any big shops here and insert them while boarding the bus or insert coins as well for your journey. The sidewalk everywhere slopes onto the road so that those in wheel chair can easily access the sidewalk from the road and the vice versa.

Thirdly, patience. Everyone here is patient, calm and polite. You will want to go to banks here voluntarily. Everyone in the bank right from the door is so friendly that you will get a doubt if you are really speaking to a bank official. I have been to 2 banks as of now and have spoken to 3 bank officers. Its so strange I even remember their names still. It might be their marketing strategy, but I dont care, I am treated like a friend and an equal and I am ready to open an account at their bank. But hey, whats the point if every bank in Windsor are equally friendly. No use in having such marketing strategy. Still, you feel comfortable being in a bank, and more importantly you are comfortable to speak and ask as much questions you want to the bank officer. He will reply for every dumb question with a smile.

I wish to quote one of my really inspiring experiences. I had been to a mall here at Windsor with my friends and was in queue to pay the bill after buying some books. As I was standing there, a woman with 3 of her kids came and stood behind me in line. All 3 of her kids were small. I am sure they would not have started school. May be the eldest could have but still he was really small. She said, "Tony, dont touch anything, stay quiet. Anna, stand in the line for me dear. Steve, you should not touch that, come and stand with your sister." Naturally, the kids didnt obey her mom's commands and went on to do some random stuff. She kept repeating the same statements in the same tone and after 4 or 5 times, the eldest I presume, obeyed her words but still the other two were going on touching the stands nearby. She never got mad at any point of time in this entire situation. She kept repeating same commands with the only change being, she added more 'please' and 'darling, dear' etc... And believe me, they finally listened to her. She never got angry, frustrated or irritated. She never needed to raise her voice nor her hands to bring them to control. Just words. Polite, sweet and caring words. I really liked the way she handled her kids. Most of them are the same here. No matter what kinda human you are, you can expect respect here. 

There are still more to be explored and awed about. Doesn't really matter if there are any negatives that I might have ignored. Why ponder upon something we dont need while there is plenty of what we need.

This is what development is all about. It is not about building huge skyscrapers, bridges, roads, declaring wars, involving in stuff that hardly matters to them, disturbing peace, showing might by killing people and manipulating people etc etc... Its about cultivating values and behaviors that makes you love the country. Love its people. For what love truly is.

I am very much sure Canada here is so much developed than its FRIENDLY neighbor United States of America. Its all about ethics and the values that you posses that shows what you really are and how mature you are. Its not really about the size of the economy or military that one can have.

I guess, this country stands as an inspiration for me and many Indians experiencing it here and I am sure it will stand as an example for my countrymen who read this and listen to many such exclamations from those who are in Canada.

Its not that India lacks respect, its just that India is really a tight and busy place. Packing too much molecules in a small container and heating it, accounts to instability of course. But still, we can bring order. All that needs is for us to cool down. Know what is important and what is not. If we are clear about our priorities, becoming Canada is really a piece of cake. Development need not be in 2020, it CAN be in 2014. But it depends on the one who sees it as to what development stands for.

It all comes down to priorities and perceptions.

Taken from another blog of mine "My Life My Experiences" http://justtalking-mylife.blogspot.in/2013/08/what-happens-in-canada-my-perception.html


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