Rational Thinking

Hope most of you must have seen the movie Life of Pi that released November last. Quoted below is a conversation between a father and his family during dinner. The conversation arises as his youngest son is attracted to several religions and also tries to practice the rituals of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam all together.

Here Goes...
"Some eat meat, some eat vegetable, I do not expect us all to agree about everything, but I'd much rather have you believe in something I don't agree with, than to accept everything blindly. And that begins with thinking rationally."

Yes, and that is how a child must be brought up. He must be taught to think rationally rather than to preach him what you know or to make him somehow believe in magic.

Here is my Facebook status update on 9 June, 2013.

Ever since I started loving Harry Potter, loving in sense, reading it over and over again, watching the movies like zillion times and referencing Harry Potter stuff in common walks of life wherever it suited, my parents would always say, "What you are thinking of and loving is completely imaginary. Do not mix it with your real life. Real life is different. That magic won't give you money and happiness. It is magic. Those stuff will not happen in real life and doesn not exist."

What they had not realized and still don't is perhaps, they themselves are living in such a world ignorantly just because their parents told stories very similar to that of Harry Potter. Only difference being, those stories were written by Valmiki, Krishna and several other really good writers.

When my parents can think that the characters of Ramayanam, Mahabaratham and other such stories to be real and really believe in the magic done by them, their weird costumes, their cool weaponry, their awkward relationships and also link it with real life by terming those fictional characters for the happenings of their lives, I have every right to love Harry Potter books.

Considering, I am in no way taking Harry Potter and applying it to my real life, cauz I am fully aware of the fiction involved.

Time will come when they and several others will understand the fiction behind the stories and keep all those as just stories and not link it with real life and cause nothing but trouble overshadowing the good for which such stories could have actually be made.

Hoping for the day when my parents would realize this! 

Probably, they wont. Because they would not be able to. The reason being their brought up. Ever since a child when one's brain begins to analyze and understand the way the world works, he is fed with lies in the form of stories and he is made to understand and believe like their parents, thats how the world functions.

Every family must provide the space for a child to think and understand the universe at its own discretion. That is what a good parent and family must do. Not to make him follow what they did.


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