A Very Happy New Year 2012..!!

A Year has gone by..
Am sure many of us here just remember last new year as clear as anything..
It seems as though time has started skipping seconds and has started running in minutes these few years now.

We would have faced a lot of stuff this last year.
STUFF can be linked with many meanings. I am going to list them down now.
1. Happiness.
2. Love.

This might just look like a list.
Those who met with the first one generally might not have noticed they were happy.
And those with the 3rd one always think they would be the same forever.
Rest all are common feelings and can be over come with.

Let us try to just recollect these feelings and the moments that had caused these feelings.
This might look silly, but believe me, it can make you realize who you were and how you were in this entre 2011.
First think of situation when you were angry, sad, depressed, ashamed etc...
Then think of situations that made you happy, joyful, light hearted etc...

Let us see which one among these 10 can we remember well.
That will eventually decide how you view the emotions of your life.

And if it is the SAD part that overtakes the GOOD ones, then am very much sure that the coming year will give you more Joy and Happiness than you have ever imagined.
And if it is the GOOD part that overtakes the SAD ones, then you must feel happy again for being happy most of the time this year.

Lets Embrace 2012 with warmth and love..!!


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