Music Can Do Anything

Tamil is said to be one of the oldest languages known to man. And so are the songs, poems and stories written in Tamil. Right from around 2000 BC or so till 2011, the music has flavored each and everyone of our lives except for some physically challenged people. Music in any form is delighting and soothing. Might it be Violin, Guitar, Sitar, Veena, Piano, Vocal, Drums etc etc...

I mentioned Tamil here because I wanted to specify the point that music has been living since ages. If it was not worth it, it wouldn't have.

Music has that power to change your mood. To crate an ecstatic feeling in you. To feel all these you must adhere to a right form of music that suits your interests. Believe me, music does really has that power in it..!!

Sometimes when I am off mood and I listen to a really soothing melody, I start to get into the song, mix with it, mingle with it and loose myself in it. It clears your mind off worries and brings you back to a cheerful state.

You might not be a good singer, but when you sing loudly along with any favorite song that is playing on your computer, without knowing to yourself, you are stress busting. Next time, you remember how you were, how your mind was before singing and feel the difference after singing. But you must not do this just for the sake of reducing your stress. It must come out automatically.

Music is eternal and divine when it is really enjoyed from your heart. It can make your nerves dance and your thoughts move.

Life is more interesting and lovely when you enjoy music and live with it. Choose what suits your interests and stick to it. Listen to music whenever time permits. Involve in it. Dont just do it, but DO IT with interest and passion. Music can do wonders and I am not just telling this as mere words but out of personal experience and satisfaction.

Some of my favorite composers and singers are...
A.R.Rahman, Haaris Jeyaraj, Illayaraja, Harry Gregson Williams, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Nicholas Hooper, Karthik, Hari Haran, Shreya Ghosal, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Back Street Boys, Westlife, Declan Galbraith, Taylor Swift, David Archuleta and many more..........

Music makes Life Beautiful!!!


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