Bringing The Change...!!


We have seen rebels and protestors in Libya and Egypt, and we see protesting Indian Citizens here...!!
We do make and are in the way of making a difference through Mahatma's way..!!

This 73 year old man is struggling to make it by starving till death, 65 hours till now he hasnt taken any food..!!

All this for us, Indians and the future generation if India..!!
But still most of the Indian youth dont realize the hard and sincere efforts taken by eminent personalities like Hazare Ji..
What we are all concerned about is "Man, tomorrow CSK VS KKR, How can we miss the match??". Still we are the children pulling our mom's saree and begging her to buy us a toy because we dont realize how hard she works to earn...!!
its time we grow up, its time we realize certain things that are to be realized..!!

Its not late, a 73 year old man has started it, and ya many youth are in line following this protest by him.


One of the main reasons behind why we are not still a China, why we are not still a Singapore, why we still have such high levels of poverty, why we still have hordes of beggars in the streets, why we still have shoddy buildings, bridges, infrastructures of every forms, why we dont have a proper governing mechanism, why we people are still FOOLS.

The past 2 years have seen corruption rise to limits unreachable anywhere across the globe. Government so free to rob the money of its INNOCENT tax payers?? So free to keep their family happy in the cost of the tears of the farmers??

This can't go on, India, Indian youth doesnt really want this, we NEED A CHANGE..!!
And Hazare Ji proved to be a Great Youth Icon of this century in India..!!
The Indian Youth Must Support Him and the CAUSE for which he is struggling..!!




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