Harry Potter To India...!!

This is a initiative started by the elite members of Gryffindor Common Room...!!
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And now back to topic...
This new idea dawned on one of the founding member of GCR FB, Tanmay Nagi.
So, all we members started this community named "Bring Harry Potter to India". The main objective of this community is to bring harry potter to India, which mean, to bring the HP celebrities and the Head of all J.K.R to India...

It was in London where the premier show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I took place and all we Indian fans are so delighted and excited to meet them live here in India...!!
As the forerunners of such a movement, we have started this community and I personally do request any of you reading this and wishes to fullfill the objective to please LIKE the community in Face Book and read the INFO of the community for more details..!!
here is the link...
Click Here To Go To "Bring Harry Potter to India" community.


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