India's 64th Independence Day

Its been almost a year since i blogged in here...
Today marks India's 64th Independence Day, here we are forced to ask a question, a brave and a question that must be answered from the heart of the Indian citizens...!!

Since 1991, after the great economic reforms by the then Prime Minister, Narasima Rao, India started on a track of fast development and improvement...
Now India is the second fastest growing economies in the world, it has the 4th largest army and so on and on, India's success stories are plenty and plenty...

In spite of all these victories and achievements, India still faces a lot of hurdles towards the path of glory and towards attaining the name as a developed nation...
1. Widespread Poverty
3.Bad Politicians
4.Mostly Idol Citizens
5.Finally The Governmental Bodies

All about these and many more can be discussed here on...!!
have a very cheerful and happy day ahead...

என் நாடு என் வீடு...!!
பாரதம் வாழ்க, தமிழ் வாழ்க...!!


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